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Unofficial GreenTech v1.3.2

This a mod updated by Dafama2k7 and based on latest GreenTech mod made originally by Gyppi. This work is unsupported by Gyppi, that said, i will support this mod like always, so, no problem.

All the original files in this mod are made by Gyppi and now modded by me, also i have added some files made by me, like the Shaders, particles, fx and tweaked or made by me like the scripts and defs.


v1.3.2 - Unofficial third public version.
- Fixed Grabber weapon mounted flashlight.
- Updated shaders to the very latest NG.
- Now uses the latest fixed Chromatic Dispersion shaders by TRSGM.
- Added support for Chainsaw and Soulcube on ROE.
- Chainsaw included into backpacks.
- Added sticky lights fx on player weapons, demons, ZCommandos and ZSecs.
- Fixed Demons spawn fx decal bug.
- And much more...

v1.3.1 - Unofficial second public version.
- Fixed weapons mounted flashlights.
- Added muzzleflashes.

v1.3.0 - Unofficial initial public version.
- Updated shaders to latest NG.
- Fixed small bugs.


Green Tech. 1.2.8 (GT 128) for Doom3 by Gyppi.

For more info, visit:

ATTENTION!!! This version of GT 128 is only compatible with Doom3 version 1.3 for windows and Doom3 1.3 for MacOS.

2)How to install/uninstall the mod
3)Credits and contact information


New Features:
The new flashlight system, now you can turn on or off the flashlight, integrated in any fire weapons, by pressing F;
the bloom effects;
some new sounds;
demons disappear after 5 minutes that their are died (this increase the performance);

Bug Fix:
Soulcube malfunction
Hell stairs malfunction
Last level malfuncion
and other minor bug fix like the shotgun power :D

-Increased the speed of the player;
-added a remixed shotgun like the Doom II game;
-new scripts for the flashlight for allow add-ons;
-men and zombies will not "explode";
-added the RealMetal FX (REV 200);
-new sparks and lights effects for any weapons;
-new review of any weapons;
-all weapons, without the chainsaw, grenades and the soulcube, have an integrated flashlight;
-the flame, when you shot is green:
-many skins of guns are green;
-more clip for all the weapons;
-the pistol and the plasma gun, are more quickly to shot;
-edited two posters, the first two in the first level;
-edited the textures of PDAs;
-deleted the UAC logo and replaced with the "TECH" logo;
-maximized the life to 150;
-maximized the armor to 150;
-new loading background;
-new texture for "mars";
-many skins of characters are green;
-added the shadow in single player mode;
-made green the headlight of our drop ship;
-made green the RoboCola's tin and machine;
-made green the coin-in "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3";
-changed the sound of the pistol and the machinegun;
-made the nightmare modality ever disponible;
-the minimum limit of life in nightmare modality is now 50;
-all the cursors are green;
-the pda and main menu guis are green;
-you give more points with "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3";

2)How to install/uninstall the mod:

Extract the "gt128" folder from the zip file in your Doom3 folder, run the game and chose "Green Tech. 1.2.8" from the mod menu.

You need only to delete the folder "gt128" from your Doom3 path.

3)Credits and contact information:

Main Developer:

MacOS Beta Tester & Compiler:

Windows Beta Tester:
Hexen Third

Other help by:
Santaclaws for the original Bloom Shader
Use_less for the new Bloom Shader for D3 1.3

Mod's Web site:
My E-Mail: gyppi AT libero DOT it

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GreenTech 1.3.2 (Unofficial)

GreenTech 1.3.2 (Unofficial)

Full Version

New version of the Green Tech mod originally by Gyppi, and updated by Dafama2k7. Changes this version include shader adjustments, effect tweaks and more...

GreenTech 1.3 (Full)

GreenTech 1.3 (Full)

Full Version

An updated version of one of the original graphical enhancement mods.

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