I'm 12 years old so please don't complain!! This is a very short custom story and its my first!

HeRo-Snacky says

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Story: ✕
First of all, the storyline itself was extremely cliché. Second of all, the notes in the game made absolutely 0 sense- "hi simon! i am dead when you read this. i started seeing some creatures with mouths 3 years ago.. i don't know! be careful!" First of all, how did his grandpa know he was going to be dead when his grandson finds the note?
= 1/10

Mapping: ✕
Very, very bland and rushed, I see. Long corridors with tons of statues and otherwise, almost nothing. = 1/10

Scare factor: ✕
There was not even a single point, where I felt scared. I knew excatly what was going to happen.
However, there was a single point where I excepted nothing, but then, lame jumpscare with naked guy came in. I almost gave up with the story at that point. = 1/10

Atmosphere: ✕
Not even gonna say anything for this. Nonexisting. = 1/10

Puzzles: ✕
Key guests which were extrelemy simple. = 1/10

Creativity: ✕
:) = 1/10

none. 1/10

Overall: Very, very very bad.


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