The Urban Story Continues once again, but this time.. You are in Doctor Kleiner's prospective, your Citadel has been blown up by Gordon Freakman himself. Doctor Kleiner and Gordon Freakman got knocked out in the Citadel Explosion. Doctor Kleiner finally wakes up and wants to know the reason why Gordon blew up his Citadel... Is Doctor Kleiner actually the Villian? His adventure begins now...

TheZealot says

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Definitely worth the weight. Takes all the good things about the first installment and expands upon them greatly.

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This mod stuck to the tried and true Gordon Freakman formula, while still throwing a crowbar (or Hotline Miami Bat) into the mix to create an all new, magical experience. There were some minor bugs that I ran into, hence why I did not rate it a solid 10/10, but regardless this was still an amazing mod well worth anyone's time.

Sep 26 2017 by DoItAll