When two hyperspace explorers stumbled onto the remote world of Korriban, they never could have guessed the chain of events they were setting into motion. Over the previous centuries, the Sith Empire had grown in size and strength, and Korriban was the very heart of its dominion. The reigning Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos, had just died, sparking a brutal power struggle between rivals Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow. The explorers’ arrival marked the first contact between the Republic and the Sith Empire, and it created at an opportunity to end the power struggle. Naga Sadow seized the moment and rallied the Sith for a pre-emptive strike against the Republic under his leadership.

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Progress Update- Only this time with extra fancy new stuff;p

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Heres a progress update for the last few weeks.
Work is still keeping me VERY busy and mostly tied up, but with the fantasic efforts of our team I feel that we have made great progress regardless.

Beautiful new planet, nebula and starfield textures by Burntstrobe will be featured in our mod.
Here is an example:

I wipped this up lastnight, the Reaper a Scimitar Class Heavy Cruiser vessel to be used as the flagship for a Sithlord in one of our new gameplay features.
The ship focuses on fast hit and run attacks.

[Larger picture in gallery]

Our first Republic unit, the Teten Interceptor.
Will be used as the Republics primary light attack fighter.
Model by Calithlin

Our mod is going to be packed with planets and locations, a large part of that will be unique asset sets for each area to increase emersion. Started working on building ground assets, starting with a small set (wip) of Republic buildings for Corscant.

Custom made music, in progress. ;p
One of the Sith themes

Alot of thanks the Kitty Kitsune for crafting us epic music.

As always work is being done under the hood by other team members!
And Remember, Empires can't build themselves!
If you are interested in helping the project, we would love to hear from you! Just send me a pm.



Ah man... The Force is strong with this mod! These updates are simply amazing and it really captures the feel of this area. Fantastic!

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Kharak Author

Thanks, I really want this to have an authentic feel to it. Just Wait until I start making units from the early part of this mod.

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Looking great so far!

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Kharak Author

Thank you Comrade.

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