Gods and Empires
Build, Expand, Conquer, Dominate
MAP TYPE:RTS-melee/City building


-Weather and disasters affects units and structures throughout the map adding depth to strategy and overall gameplay.
Weather types:Rainy, Snowy, Windy.
Disasters:Earthquake,Tsunami, Volcanic Eruption, Lightning Storm, Blizzard/Avalanche, Drought, Plague, Fire, Typhoon, Tornado, Meteor Strike.

-At the beginning of the game it is your choice where on the map you would establish your empire. Different lands gives different kinds of benefits(resources, natural defense against disasters, unique flora and faunas, unique neutral buildings that can be acquired etc.). The map is divided into certain regions much like the way Earth is divided(polar, equatorial etc..).Each region yields different patterns of weather and disasters.

-Watch as your city grow. Citizens roam and everything you build affects how they act and how your city will turn out to be.

-In Gods and Empires, Citizens play a vital role in the success or failure of your expanding city. Military units are not directly trained from your Military buildings. Instead, it is the Citizens who are trained to be conscripted to your chosen military unit types which is researched on your Military buildings.
-Citizens also provide gold which is periodically given depending on the number of citizens you have. -Citizens are categorized into 3 types: male, female and child. Male citizens can be conscripted to military units, repair structures and can attack, female citizens on the other hand can learn the ability heal but cannot attack. The Children cannot attack but overtime changes to a male villager.
-View the game in different perspectives whenever you select a unit type.
a.Construction View(for Builder type units)- high elevation camera that allows you to easily plan the layout of your city.
b.Structure View- locks your view to the structure you selected. Close up view.
c.3rd Person View(for Hero/ king)- gives you close up view of your city on a 3rd person perspective, the camera follows you wherever you go.
d.Tactical view- extreme zoom out view, allows you to see the map from a top down view letting players have a tactical view of the battlefield.
* Pressing the Esc key resets your view to default camera view.

Choose a God for your city and take control of the fate of your people.
-At the start of the game you will be given options to choose which God you want your empire to be governed with. Your choice of deity will determine the alignment, research tree, unique units and God Powers you'll have.

-Different Gods posess different God Powers, ranging from spells that affects the income of your buildings to spells that does damage to an area or even stop time and spells that changes the terrain or weather on a certain region. Using God Powers requires a certain amount of FAITH POINTS, which is generated either by assigning citizens to pray or by offering them at altars or by completing certain Quests.

a.DOMINATE- Destoy all your enemies, the last player standing wins.
b.KILL THE TITANS- The first player to kill 1 out of the 6 Titans located at different locations across the map wins.
c.PROTECT THE KING- Each player is given a king, when your king dies you lose the game.
d.WONDER OF THE WORLD-The first player to build a Wonder and is able to protect it for a certain amount of time wins.

Map development thread> Hiveworkshop.comcity-building-rts-141858/

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G & E details

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Mythology of the GODS

PHRAETOR - The GOD Seer, Patron God of Poets & Philosophers, God of Wisdom
Phraetor is considered as the God of Wisdom. He possess the gift of clairvoyance and the ability to read thoughts. He could see things even before they actually happen. And because of this, Nerom treats him with high regard and in fact would frequently come to seek his counsel, asking advice on a variety of things. The downside however of his powers is that he could not directly tell what he foresees. He expresses them thru poetry and sometimes in the form of riddles. At times, Nerom would not right away understand Phraetor's prophecies and totally disregards them.This however could prove costly for Nerom because the future holds dark tidings for him.

In silence will strike a deafening heed
Far louder than drumbeats pounding
Words spoken in visions dim
Deeds done for reasons grim

Born with tongue of half-truths
And whose eyes speak of concealed lies
Corrupting poison for feeble minds
Inevitable cause of one's demise
-Book of Prophecies

YEHLIR-god of deception/manipulation and persuasion.

Yelihr is a most unusual god. His arsenal contains deception, manipulation and persuasion.This can prove to be a devastating combination, everything he says seems like the truth but nearly everything he says is a lie and when it isn't he often wants you to think it is. He uses words and actions to confuse and often drive his enemies insane. He loves playing with humans and finds their gullible nature an excellent source of entertainment.
Yelihr is believed to be a shapeshifter and is often thought to take the appearance of a human and spread lies and deceit that result in suicides, divorces, beheadings and various other results he finds amusing. Yelihr on more than one occasion has gone to far and tried to ignite feuds between the gods themselves and on one occasion very nearly succeeded but was thwarted by Aidous who informed Nerom. Nerom threatened to cut out Yelihr's tongue should he ever try attempt such a malicious act again. Pyramus has shown great interest in Yelihr, although he disapproves of his methods he relishes in their results and in turn considers Yelihr useful, if only he could be tamed. Yelihr's symbol is that of snake constricting a skull, symbolizing the slow, painful and complicated demise that awaits his foes.

NEROM-king of the Gods
Nerom is the revered king of the Gods of the Realm of Niv. He is strong and powerful,but also at times prideful and stubborn. He possess the creator stone, the most valuable relic of the deities. With it he is capable of creating almost anything his mind is able of conceiving out of nothing. He is scheming, secretive and also has a tendency of being discontented. He always want change in everything around him. Often he would start creating something but would soon grew weary of it and change his mind then begin doing something else. Out of all that he created, the Humans was his most favorite(It was in fact a gift for Vestra). They took his attention and with them he has something to play with. He can at will dictate their fortunes. With them he was able to impose his Godliness. The fate of the Humans greatly depends on the whims of the deities themselves.
Nerom is infamous for his legendary lust for Human women. Throughout the country side, demigod offsprings often shows up-fruits of his numerous trysts. A child showing unusual or supernatural abilities is often associated with Nerom and is referrred to as "Kings's bastard".
Nerom is often depicted together with his winged white steed, Gylomesh. Gylomesh can take the shape of a living flame and can travel across the land faster than a thought and whose wings could rain down rays of blinding white light that would burn anything it will come into contact with instantaneously.
Nerom's symbols are white flame and the creator stone, signifying his burning desire to create and his discontentment.

Vestra is Nerom's wife and queen. She rules over domestic blessings, marriage, childbirth, jealousy and nature. She is a caring and protective Goddess and unlike his husband she tends to be sympatethic to the Humans and would often come to their aid. On rare occasions however she shows up her wrath. Nerom's straying inevitably incurs her fury causing untold natural disasters of epic proportions(scary eh?lol). According to legends, she once razed a whole city to the ground out of jealousy. The doomed city is believed to be where one of Nerom's human mistresses lived.
Throughout the realm of Niv, shrines and temples in honor of her can be found and often believers would come to these places asking for protection and blessing. Vestra is always accompanied by a golden feathered bird, Oros. It is said that at night time Oros turns into a star, gazing upon the lands watching over Vestra's minions and keeping an eye for Nerom. Vestra's symbol is a tree with a golden bird on one of it's branches.


Aidous is the younger brother of Nerom. He is wise and resourceful but is not as powerful as him. He can't create out of nothing but what makes him special is his Godly power to invent and discover things. Aidous is a thinking deity and has the innate ability to innovate and bring about new creations out of the most common or extraordinary things. He presides over Science and Technology. Inventors, scientists and engineers revere him as their patron God. Ever so often, Aidous in his human form would come down from Elohia(tentative name of the City of the Gods) to mingle with his followers, teaching and sharing with them his new discoveries. Aidous symbol are a scroll and a gear.

Pyramus is the twin brother of Nerom. He is considered to be as powerful as his brother but his domain is not in creating things but in destroying them. He is ill-tempered and his tantrums would often result into massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. He is also the God of War. War yields chaos and with it comes destruction.
Pyramus invented metallurgy and gave it to his minions. With it, humans learned how to make weapons and armors, the essentials for War. He and Nerom have a long time dispute and often times this feud is settled through war. What Nerom created, Pyramus is bound to destroy. The Etrean War, which has been waged for more than a century is essentially an act of retaliation by Pyramus against Nerom for throwing him out of the Council of the Gods mainly because of his uncontrollable temper.
Pyramus is often depicted as a sullen and battle scarred creature wielding 2 giant swords engulfed in burning red flame. He is hot-blooded and has a tendency to get out of control. When in this state of rage however, Pyramus is at his most powerful form, destroying anything and everything in his path.Pyramus' symbols are a volcano and 2 swords engulfed in red flame crossing each other.

OTHER GODS>Zharagum, Aelpho, Khendar, Eirod, Tyrr, Eltris, Althaion, Nephtom, Xaeros, Ahram, Llymnos, Nheva.(details of which will be revealed as soon as I finalized their background stories)

Here's a rundown/basic descriptions of the subfaction related units..
•Strong vs. buildings, high armor

Alignment building-Steam Fortress
Steam Factory-has upgrade steam pack(no pun intended)that enables steam powered units to have a boost in movement speed and attack speed for a certain amount of time.

Ground units
•Hydraulic marksman-short ranged attacker maybe about 450.
•Piston Mech-basic melee unit;small chance to stun enemy units.
•Steam Golem-stronger melee unit;increased chance to stun enemy units.
•Leviathan- big badass melee unit;high chance to stun enemy units.
•Steam Tank-basic tank..range of about 600.
•Turtle Tank-specialized tank unit.650 range.Has the ability to shoot enemy units from all directions.
•Destroyer tank-high armored tank unit but slower than the common steam tank.attacks ignore armor..

Air Units
•Zeppelin Transport-common transport airship.
•Airship Gunner-ranged attack of 650.attacks both land and air units.
•Airship Blaster-improved airship gunner.attack range 700.attacks do minor splash damage on both air and land units.
•Floating Steam Stronghold-a floating fortress armed with cannons.slow moving but high hitpoints.

Naval Units
I'm yet to make a list of all subfaction's naval units..

•TITAN TANK-very big tank,high armor,high hp,slow moving,attacks do splash damage..
Special ability:Siege mode(like stracraft's siege tank),Titan Cannon(similar to battlecruiser's Yamato GUN)>casting time is around 3-5 seconds;shoots enemies in a straight line.(or should I say obliterate?)

•increased hp regen,fast production of units.

Alignment building-Clock work Citadel
Clockwork Tower-has pocket factory skill,automatically summons mini clockwork men..

Ground units

•Clockwork Man-has the ability to repair mechanical units including itself.
•Clockwork Automaton-whenever hp reaches 50% it splits into 2, each one deals full damage but hp is 25% of its maximum.
•Clockwork Goliath-whenever it dies a scrap pile would be created in its place and after a few seconds it would reconstruct itself,destroying the scrap pile would prevent the reconstruction..
•Tic Tank-typical steam tank but has the ability to self destruct damaging both friendly and enemy units within its range.
•Clockwork Spider-melee mechanical spiders that could burrow themselves and self detonate when triggered.
•Spider Artillery Tank(SAT)-long range artillery type units(900-1000 range); has the ability to slam enemy units in close range damaging and stunning them for a few seconds.

Air units

•Gyrocopter-typical wc3 gyro copter,shoots fast moves fast..
•Clockwork Carrier-similar to SC protoss carrier..could summon mini gyro interceptors to attack enemy units both on land and ground.
•Airship Gunner
•Zeppelin Transport

Unique unit

•CLOCKWORK COLOSSUS-colossal clockwork man;high hp & hp regen aura..
Special ability:Slams the ground dealing AOE damage and stunning units,summons clockwork men that damages units they hit.(modified Stampede spell)

•Excellent long range attacks and defense.

Alignment Building-Alchemy Academy
Ballistic Bastion-also acts as guard tower,attacks land and air units as well;upgrades for different kinds of ammunitions are available here.

Ground units
•Hand gunner-basic ranged unit.wields pistol,attacks fast but low damage.
•Rifleman-range attack of 700.normal attack speed,attacks has chance to mini stun target.
•Mounted Rifleman-fast movement speed.range 700,attacks has chance to mini stun target.
•Sniper-attacks has a small chance to instantly kill non-mechanical units..range of about 800-900.
•Grenadier-range attacks(450) do minor splash damage.
•Cannoneer-range attacks(650) do AOE damage.
•Steam Tank
•Combat engineer-build defensive and offensive equipments on the field.
Defense Turret-gun emplacement that is effective specially against armored units;attacks ground units only.
Missile Turret-shoots missiles to air and ground units.
Land mines-explodes whenever enemy units comes near it.

Air units
•Gyro Bomber-]air to land attacker..drops bombs to a target location dealing AOE damage.
•Airship Destroyer-large airship outfitted with a large cannon and missile launcher.has the ability cluster rockets.
•Airship Gunner
•Airship Blaster
•Zeppelin Transport

GRAND CANNON-super long range artillery that does splash damage on a large area.Special Ability:Volley of Fire>burst fires a targeted area for a set amount of time dealing massive damage.

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this is just magnificent (sorry for the bad english...i live in brasil)

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I don't agree with you, there are to many maps kind of like this with only wc3 factions. Ok this is the second attempt and it still didn't do it. Im trying to reply to Hashashin

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Omfg i hate this it never does the freakin reply to comment when i want it to!! delete this comment please.

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Is this dead or what?

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Interesting idea. Tracking.

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there should be a warcraft themed faction

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Is this still alive?

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As a veteran of Warcraft, I think this mod is going to be epic.

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Can't wait til this is done!

I've seriously dreamed of a Wc3 map just like this!

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