-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=LEVEL 1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Goblin Woods

The player starts on a small sailboat in a narrow river thickly lined with trees and bushes,
with mountains and hills on the horizon. The sailboat ride goes on, uneventful for about
a minute while the title and opening credits roll and an audio file plays. Music, or an intro.
Soon, he hears sounds and voices, and is attacked by flying axes and arrows. As his boat
nears a small clearing in the trees, it abruptly stops, sliding him forward, almost overboard.
He soon realizes he's a sitting duck in his stationary craft, so grabbing as much of his ship's
cargo as he can, he jumps overboard, only to be swept away by the powerful current of the
water. Swimming, he makes his way unto the banks to discover it was goblins and orcs that
were attacking him from the forest. He fights his way into the dark woods, escaping with
his life, but just barely. Within, he finds wooden signs telling him to go back. There's only a
few monsters in the forest, so it's just a matter of finding his way through the maze of trees.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=LEVEL 2 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Dark Passage

At this point, the forest gets thick, covering the sky and the maze gets complicated.
There will be 3 mazes in 1. Once the player uses a key, some of the walls change by
lowering or raising. After another key is used, another change to the level. Eventually,
the exit is exposed and the player exits the forest.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=LEVEL 3 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Cursed Village

After a bend in the path, you find a nice looking village that seems too peaceful amid all
the violence around you. As you enter a house, a barnyard animal runs out, squealing as it
runs for it's life into the nearby trees. Looking inside the home, you see nothing unusual.
Each home is the same. A pig, a chicken squawking, a few rats, and an empty room.
As you enter the largest building, you encounter a half man, half fox creature and his
2 guards who are also fox-men. He tells you that his name is Vulpes, and he was the leader
of the town before the people were all transformed (the animals you saw in the houses).
You tell him who you are, and how all the cargo was stolen by the goblins that attacked
you're ship. He tells you the evil magic that enchanted the townsfolk was the same that
froze you're craft in mid-stream, and to follow the path through to the orc mountains, over
the snowy peak to the village of Silent, and gives you a scroll to give to the leader of the
village who's name is Decide. You are reluctant to go to Silenti, but Vulpes says you might
find a ship there, so you agree, and take the scroll. Collecting all the things from the
houses, you exit the level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=LEVEL 4 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Orc Mountains

Making your way through a dead forest of spooky looking trees, you find a tree with a face
blocking your way. As you try to go around it, it speaks.
"Why should I let you through? Humans use to pick at my branches for food, chop my friends
and family down to burn for fuel." As you explain to it about the evil, and your mission, it
mearly shrugs, and says,
" I care not about evil, or good. However, if you can prove youreself worthy, I will allow
you to pass." Then the tree asks you 3 questions. If you guess the answer, the tree says
"BAH!" "Go, human. To your doom!" And it moves aside, leting you through the opening in
the forest.
The way is an uphill path that zig zags up a rocky mountainside. But to pass
you must go through a battle between the Orcs and the Goblins for possesion
of the newly vacant human lands.

...And that's all that's done so far...

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Still going


Although there haven't been many updates, GOBLIN is still moving forward.
Expect another update by the end of March.

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This file changes DOOM II and zdoom into GOBLIN Zdoom.


I was expecting a Goblin Slayer mod.

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MrJ? Creator

There's been a minor update to GOBLIN. The sprites for the orc and orc boss have been finished, and the animation cleaned up. A few new textures were also added.


Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'm sorry to announce that Mr.J has passed away.
I'm going to try and complete some of his work, to the best of my ability.

Thank you, to everyone who's contributed and/or downloaded his work.

He was my friend.

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And Thus his work was never completed... i hope you are ashamed of yourself.

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And the insensitive d**k of the century award goes to Landon1121: for shaming somebody who lost his friend for not completing a game he wanted to play. Good job!

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Oh shut the **** up, Get your *** up and do it then.

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I've tried the demo you have on your site and have to say it is awesome! Truly inspired, and inspiring: the first thing I did after playing it was to try and duplicate the boat effect in EDGE, which I did more or less, and stick it on my site.

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