GMod Tower was a unique community-based lobby with centralized multiplayer games. It was a modification within Valve's Source Engine. GMod Tower was a collection of various online multiplayer games that each have different genres of gameplay. Each game could be played with 4-90 players across the globe and are complete modifications of the Source engine. The lobby aspect is what made it all work. Players connected to a central lobby server and group up with other players to play these multiplayer games. While in the lobby, they could also watch Youtube together, buy furniture and items (such as a piano) for their in-game house, customize their look (hats, skins, etc), bet on casino and cards games, play trivia and arcade games, and participate and various daily activities.

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It needs work to say the least especially concerning the lag if you are in different country makes it impossible to do many things because of the lag (try playing tetris with 200+ ping) also if admins exist they are ******* useless 4/5 times when the server is pretty populated and you walk in the theater theres either graphic animal castration videos or some other disgusting video.. you cant vote the vid off because usually the trolls gather there in more numbers than there are people voting it off


Pointless to play. You just play gamemodes all day long and get enough money only 1 tv remote. Oh and also, GMT community is a huge pile of ****. It's easy to make stereotype of those faggy weaboos.


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