GMDX is an award-winning large-scale modification for the 2000 PC classic Deus Ex. GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high standard, and adds new layers of depth that one would have hoped to see in a sequel. GMDX is executed with the strict parameter of staying true to the original design principles that define Deus Ex, and seeks to improve all aspects of design excluding the plot and soundtrack. The cumulative result thus far is said to be, and aims to be the "definitive Deus Ex experience".

RSS Drawing Closer. Parts 4 & 5 Released

GMDX addresses the many flaws of Deus Ex, polishes it to a very high standard, and adds new layers of depth that one would have hoped to see in a sequel.

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In the meantime, demonstration parts 4 & 5 have been unveiled!

Part 4: weaponry:

Part 5: RPG Systems:

Get excited for Part 6, which will be revealed Nov 27th.

All parts so far:

Part 1: Artificial Intelligence:
Part 2: Player-Controlled Mechanics:
Part 3: Sim Systems and Effects:
Part 4: Weaponry:
Part 5: RPG Systems:

More testers are needed. Send me a PM or let it be known that you are willing in the comments section below.

Additionally, the full list of AI features has been revealed early.


Great work, cannot wait!

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For the ones that tuned in a little later, (like me) what are the influences of mods like Shifter/Biomod and Revision on GMDX?

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Not very much as those mods aren't faithful to the original design principles of Deus Ex. For example the respeccing of augmentations (Shifter) and the flushing of toilets for skill points (Biomod). There is some influence, especially Shifter's bugfixing, but overall it is the Immersive Sim itself that holds the most sway.

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Don't know if you already added this or are planning to do, but perhaps a fun idea to add a separate mini addon for GMDX that adds some unique weapons (as in variations on the original) but are in secret places. Iirc Shifter also did it like this (or perhaps I am remembering it wrong and they added only custom model/skins as seperate addons for the unique weapons).

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Nope. Custom variations of weapons typically take away the relevance of the standard variants and is just a cheap way to add variety instead of having entirely different weaponry. I never thought it was a good idea in Invisible War. One exception to this is Shifter's baton, which just provides a dam increase and rewards stealth players. But something like the Boomstick? The standard shotgun is already a beast in GMDX.

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