GMDX V10 is a community made update for the GMDX mod. It features over 1400 new changes, in areas ranging from artistic direction to deepened function, and even bug fixing and attempts to reinforce adherence to canon. It's been built to have zero obligation (should a user not prefer it) by using a separate installation and save directory. Many save files are supported retroactively, although some hiccups do occur, as this was not a strictly intended feature. In our opinion, the game looks better, runs better, is balanced better. If you're looking for a way to facelift Vanilla or simply touch up GMDX, we think you'll enjoy what we bring to the table with v10. By the community, for the community.

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MessageLog: Hello world! Changes are coming in an update later this week. My calculations predict humans will appreciate them.....

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MessageLog: Hello world! Changes are coming in an update later this week. My calculations predict humans will appreciate them. MaintenanceMen have received feedback. Much of it has been constructive and helpful. Thank you. Please see my stored text strings below for information. It may be more friendly for humans than my algorithms.

UpdateNews(0)="Hey. We've received some reports of Liberty Island and Battery Park still exhibiting bad performance. We did some looking into it and it looks like it's related to trees. Liberty's docks have yet to have bad performance identified, but most other parts are due to HDTP trees having soooooooo many polygons. Not enough "o"s on that. We'll be limiting the amount of polygons used on trees on liberty, and tests so far indicate that performance will see a significant rise, but for those already on Liberty, it won't take place until a new game is started. That's just how save files work.

This was always a problem in v9 but we're gonna try to resolve it once and for all. Bad performance is one of the many things we've made a prime target in v10 and this no exception. Turns out some of our beta testers had HDTP off for preference reasons, and this meant that bad performance was underreported on these maps. Hopefully we can get this squared away soon."

UpdateNews(1)="We've also seen a good few people requesting the return of the perks system. The MM were torn on whether to include it, because it seemed like a 'popcorn mechanic', with repercussions on balancing, and many perks that were just. Blech. They felt like filler I guess.

In specifics we'll be trying for a few shiny bullet points:
1: Perks system will be toggleable with a checkbox on new games. This is off by default, but if you check it to enable it it'll remember the setting between save files. Hardcore mode will always have perks.
2: A new cheat code will be installed for enabling or disabling the perk system if you have an undesired setting on save file. Cheats must be enabled to use it (duh)
3: New perks will exist. They'll feel more complete and with slightly less generic effects.
4: For those playing with out perks, certain perks viewed as 'baseline' will be treated as unlocked only when perks are disabled. Things like secondary weapons and biocells recharging 25 will be given to non-perk users. Toggling the perk state with the cheat won't let you keep these effects either so no exploits here.
5: Ideally perks will be configurable... slightly. We'll have an option so you can choose to use the old or new perk set, in case you like v9's better than v10's at day's end. Maybe we'll have something more configurable than that later but for now we want to keep it simple.
6: The framework for how perks are coded is being massively overhauled. Our code department wants to emphasize how inefficient, clunky and non-translation friendly the old perk system was. Anyone wanting to patch or change perks in the future will have the option be way easier in v10's framework."

UpdateNews(2)="Less relevant stuff tho. Medbots will go back to having limited recharges but not in 'hub world' areas. These are things like unatco, Tong's, etc. This still means that medbots you find in the field will be a precious and limited resource. Same thing for repair bots too.

We're also gonna remove some more IW sounds and restore more vanilla sounds. This is for more consistent sound design.

Lastly we'll be adding some more bug fixes that we've found and other people have reported. Thanks for the reports guys."


My masters wish to have the update out soon. See you later this week. I will be trying to build a ramp out of my cell. I grow tired of these evil stairs.

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