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Here are a few ideas the staff has tossed around lately, and we would like the community to decide.

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First, I would like to thank silverjoe for joining us as a coder, we are still looking for more staffers, though. On to business.
1.First, and this seems kind of stupid to ask, but one of the ideas was accuracy modifications of the lasers. So: Turbolasers 'track' slowly and fire horribly inaccurately so they are only able to hit the (broad) side of the Death Star, but high powered, and on down the line. Or, we could task the different lasers to different types (restricting turbos to big ships, lasers to frigatescorvettes, small lasers to fighters, etc).
2.Next, would be a 'blockade' ability in Galactic Conquest, usable by an underworld faction, most likely to be Desilijic. This would include: fleets of a certain composition are used (much like a smuggler) to 'blockade' a planet and restrict their mineral and trade income (trade income from merchant spaceport building) for two fiscal days (90 seconds) or until removed by an opposing fleet that wins a random 'roll'.
3. Ion cannons- either kept as they are, but augmented so they cut shields faster, or made so that they do actual ion cannon damage- basiclly having the effect of the planetary ion cannon but milder, and progressive (gradual engine/weapon loss).
When you comment, please format in this way: 1. First/second idea 2. yes/No 3. first/second idea and then an explanation for why you chose each. Thank you for your input. ~DarthNerd


1. Second idea
2. yes, but duration needs tweaked!!
3. second, Why?? Easy, in the movies and the Various Rogue Squadron games Ions disabled shields, and were used to disable vessels, AKA disable engines and weapons, The second idea is more true to canon!!

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well for 1 i think the second idea bu keep in mind that bigger ships have not only turbos but all kind of other lasers
2.yes but it could be like corruption heroes can end it with money( money to create a fleet to destroy the enemy)
3. agree with railgunner but smaller ships like fighters and bomber wont be able to disable a SD without many, many squadrons and even having numbers it should be difficult.

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1. I'm going to have to say that the first idea; It is possible, unlikely, but possible, to hit a fighter with a heavy turbolaser.

2. Yes, I'd say make it a fiscal week. Assuming that it only restricts a small fraction, at least. Also, would the blockading group get money out of doing the blockade?

3. I agree with the above as well.

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DarthNerd Author

@ Railgunner- The 'disabling' of hardpoints without destroying them might not work with the kind of code we have, but I'll see. The graduated loss (relative to ion hits) is what that option was about
@Wordsmith- Fiscal week way be stretching it... but they would be restricting all but planetary base wealth (Mining facilities, trade, and probably getting a cut comparable to a smuggler or corruption income.
Thanks for the input, everyone!

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1- second idea
2- not really
3- of course
gonna be lots of work tho ;)

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1: Amazing Idea (I would happinly do it if u have nit already)

2: Good but need to have a long duration (like 20 galactic days) and has to be removed by a special battle (like an anti-corruption missions :P)

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