This mod increases the regiment limit to 180, the building limit to 40. there are 35 new special operations, over 50 new generals. each nation now has 10 generals in WW2 mode. each general has 6 special operations. new terrain has been added. new terrain modifiers for all units. new corpse and destroyed tank doodads for all nations. All nations have snipers and marines. artillery trailers have been turned into combat units. added new campaign buildings, minefields, obstacles, and division HQs. completely revised and expanded the SP campaign. customized dozens of the WW2 metagame territories. new WW2 capitals for Great Britain and Germany in MetaGame. dozens of new units, hundreds of new regiments. new intro-video. new generals show up in visible in Metagame Lobby. AI has been altered to be more aggressive and to use all of the new special ops. AI has been changed to recruit and research more like online human players.

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Gizmotron Author

this screen shot shows off the new WW2 Metagame interface. I've added 6 new generals to the WW2 lobby. Raeder can summon a Battleship for his most powerful special op. "Submarine Attack" will destroy any targeted enemy ship instantly. "Artillery Barrage" inflicts 800 points of explosive damage on anything in the target area. "Counter Battery Fire" workes like the original "Communist Purge"-- except that it instantly kills all enemy artillery within the targeted area. this new operation is perfect for adversaries who like to spam artillery tanks. I also added a German version of Economic Aid.

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yea but when i installed it it has no pic

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Gizmotron Author

which picture isn't showing up?

did you see the new video intro? if not it means that the "Video" folder is in the wrong spot.

the Video folder needs to co-exist with the Data folder in the "Axis and Allies" data folder under Program files.

if you have it installed undeer "My Documents" you should be able to simply drag-and-drop the extracted patch into a clean "A&A" folder (aka an empty folder)

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Gizmotron Author

do you still have a problem with general portraits? is it in the Metagame (like pictured here) or is it somewhere else?

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screen-shots from the Axis & Allies mod I've been working on. the first image shows new bunkers which can be used to sink battleships and carriers. (previously they could only be destroyed with bombers). the second is from a new map that I added to the campaign. the third shows one of the new obstacles I added to the game. the fourth shows the new railway line I added to the El Alamein map-- capturing the entire railway can extend your supply line from either side of the map w/o using supply depots! there's a shot of the new destroyed buildings I've added-- and a glimpse of the new WW2 lobby with 10 generals (instead of 4). and finally an action shot of one of the new special ops in a campaign map.

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