This mod increases the regiment limit to 180, the building limit to 40. there are 35 new special operations, over 50 new generals. each nation now has 10 generals in WW2 mode. each general has 6 special operations. new terrain has been added. new terrain modifiers for all units. new corpse and destroyed tank doodads for all nations. All nations have snipers and marines. artillery trailers have been turned into combat units. added new campaign buildings, minefields, obstacles, and division HQs. completely revised and expanded the SP campaign. customized dozens of the WW2 metagame territories. new WW2 capitals for Great Britain and Germany in MetaGame. dozens of new units, hundreds of new regiments. new intro-video. new generals show up in visible in Metagame Lobby. AI has been altered to be more aggressive and to use all of the new special ops. AI has been changed to recruit and research more like online human players.

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I did download Gozmotron back in 2015 and then i also downloaded and applied alot of stuff from the now removed A&A forum. As i believe some people might want the assets i included from the forum, i suggest them to download this mod - i am not sure every file included in this package are properly implemented into the mod. I know the size of the Gizmotron data-folder is over 850mb - compared to 250 or something for the original Gizmotron mod. However, modders may find unused assets in the files. Also, i know this mod has the proper historical Nazi-flag in WW2 mode and in RTS battles - this is the main reason i am uploading this. I have forgotten how i did implement them but i want to implement them in the more recent mods for A&A! This is superior to Gizmotron but not better than more recent mods - just download for the assets. Install by either placing the A&A folder in your My Documents, or adding the files inside of the folder inside the Atari/Axis & Allies folder (Rec). Only one!

Axis & Allies Gizmotron plus additional content!
Gizmotron Creator

what are the new assets? why is it superior to the older mod?

did you paste in newer unit models from Uncommon Valor directly into the old Gizmotron mod?

I had thought about doing that myself... but I've been so busy trying to make Uncommon Valor a better product that I've never gotten around to upgrading the old mod.

this DOES answer my question of whether or not somebody could post new content under an existing mod heading without being the creator.

honestly, I think new maps and SP campaigns would be more exciting for me to see then updated unit models and flag changes. I've already invited people to post their favorite custom-made maps online here for others to enjoy. (although those are nice too)

there's no way that ONE person could make compelling new SP campaigns for Uncommon Valor's 40+ nations. so it's nice to learn that other people could probably post their maps there without too much trouble.

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Mr_Nygren Author

Well, to answer your first question it has the Swastika proper Nazi Germany flag in RTS as well as in WW2 mode, which is better for anyone who wants it to be historically correct - and it's superior compared to the 2012 User_mod because it adds new content on-top of it, making it bigger and better. - But as i wrote i am not sure if every new unit/asset is really included in the recruitment queue.

I playtested it for the first time in years this bygone weekend and didn't see much difference between the SS.divisions of the original Gizmotron mod and this one. But 850+mb tells me it should have much that original Gizmotron at 250mb doesn't have. Also, there may be a couple of maps included as well.

I don't think i've included stuff from Uncommon Valor. I just took random assets from the A&A forum that i liked. The reason i uploaded this is because the forum is gone and so i wanted these assets available here.

Yeah, should be perfectly possible for anyone to upload maps.

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Gizmotron Creator

I tried downloading it and extracting the files but the RAR document wasn't compatible with either of my two extraction programs.

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Mr_Nygren Author

I use WinRar, and it's done manually by moving the folder out of the rar-archive using the mouse.

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What exactly is changed? I won't bother downloading such a large file without seeing a changelog or anything. I understand English isn't your first language but maybe you could at least give a basic bullet point?

It doesn't take that much space to simply change a faction's flag.

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