This is an updated version of Ghosts Want Revenge 2 mod — Superscary Edition! Mod adds ghosts to the game. The only way to fight against them — it is... photo camera. There is belief that a photography takes part of the soul, and the ghosts will return to hell, though not for long.

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ReadMe wrote: Ghosts Want Revenge 2: Superscary Edition


1. Install
2. Description
2.1. About edition and release dates
3. Authors [in full ReadMe-file]


Open Setup.exe. Select the game folder. Install. During the installation do not close appearing windows

For correct work of mod must be installed CLEO 4 library (see in the archive with mod).


It would be better if you disable before anti-virus and firewall — they can corrupt the extraction of files. Prepare clean, without other
mods, copy of GTA San Andreas game. Mod is compatible with Spring Season, Endless Summer, Autumn Sunshine, Winter Vacation 2.0, HRT Pack 1.3 EE.

Automatic uninstalling of mod is not available, but you can make copy of game before installation.

If installer (if you install the mod from Windows 7 or 8) gives the message about the incompatibility with Windows 7 / 8, set in the properties of
the Setup.exe compatibility with Windows Vista or XP (unzip the installer, right click on the icon, open the «Properties»).

How to temporary disable the mod? Just move PSYHO_GHOST.CS from \CLEO into other folder. To enable — move file back.


This is an updated version of Ghosts Want Revenge 2 mod — Superscary Edition!

Mod adds ghosts to the game. The only way to fight against them — it is... photo camera. There is belief that a photography takes part of the soul,
and the ghosts will return to hell, though not for long.

In mod few really scary places (like the night forest and cemetery) where you can meet the ghosts are waiting for you. Shake and tremble! There are 13 ghosts.

Slasher — crazy serial killer that dressed up in a clown suit and finds friends with his chainsaw «Friendship». You can find him on the bay coast
in Palomino Creek (where there is an empty wheelchair, perhaps this is the work of Slasher).
Sometimes Slasher visits forest in Back o Beyond to check, if everything is okay with his buried in the ground mates.

Jeffry — victim of circumstances. He was one of the Catalina's boyfriends and traded hot dogs. Somehow he did not please the bride and now
is selecting from the grave every night and walking around her house with a bouquet of flowers.

Peabody the vagabond was squashed a rushing subway train. His restless spirit wandering around at night in a tunnel near the Market station,
intending to get revenge. Be careful: he's a racist.

Yusuf the vagabond was killed by the best friend because won his girl away. Now the ghost of Yusuf prowls on the territory of the observatory and
scares delayed tourists every night.

Padre Jack appears every night on the roof of a church in Los Santos, where another father threw him because Jack visited the «Servants of the God» strip-club...
Now father is trying to deserve forgiveness to go to heaven. His goal — to kill as many sinners as possible!

Not only Jack has this mission. His colleague, padre William, appears nightly near little church in Las Venturas, punishes sinners too. With help of flamethrower.

The fate of Glashka crone is very complicated. Coachman caught her stealing a calf and murdered by pitchforks. Phantom of the old women appears in the cemetery of
Los Santos and a living person is better not to get caught by her eye.

Elvis Presley needs no introduction. Look for it in front of V-Rock Hotel!

Dr. Baldwin has worked in San Fierro Medical Center. He was quite pleased with himself, and took graft, until he was killed by his patient in the parking lot. People say
that the patient was angry at the «healer», because he mutilated his life, improperly conducted the operation. Phantom of doctor appears after midnight at the murder scene.

Tramp Jacobson loved to drink vodka. He was drinking it up to his death, and died not far from a secret military base in the desert; either from vodka, or from the effects of the
experiments, which as said, have conducted on his body by scientists.

Billy was an ordinary homosexual. Becoming a ghost, he stepped into the path of bloodthirsty revenge, and now every night it is possible to meet him at amusement park on Santa Maria beach.
He is armed and extremely dangerous. Likes kissing in the moonlight.

Players that finished San Andreas story know about true essence of Big Smoke, one of characters of the game. You can find his ghost in Big Smoke's Crack Palace.

Killed officer Pulaski every night rises in the abandoned town Las Brujas. He is always with service weapon and glad to release the charger to our hero.

See Map.gif picture for know where to find people. By the way, all ghosts will be added as new characters and will not replace standard characters. All ghosts have own sounds.

P.S. All coincidence are random.


2.1. About edition and release dates

Original Ghost Want Revenge 2 mod was released in 2011 and fully contains all content from first part of mod; then was released Gold Edition of second part
(with auto installation), but all these — are the «local releases», because mods were released only on the Russian site.

This Superscary Edition — is the enhanced version of Ghosts Want Revenge 2 (2011). Special for new version was made new quality English translation.

Also in Superscary Edition: new instruction and description; better looks of ghosts; added MIP-maps (optimization); reduced size of mod; new installer.

Release dates:

Призраки жаждут мести (Ghost Want Revenge) — 7 May 2011;
Призраки жаждут мести 2 (Ghost Want Revenge 2) — 15 May 2011;
Призраки жаждут мести 2. Золотое издание (Ghost Want Revenge 2. Gold Edition) — 25 November 2011;
Ghosts Want Revenge 2: Superscary Edition — 31 October 2013.

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