SCENARIO In "Get a Life" you embody Alexander Zemlinsky, a subway technician suffering from leukaemia. Alex is not, unlike the protagonists in most games, an invincible super-soldier. But you wouldn't call him normal either, because there is something in his past that connects him with the events that are about to happen in the course of the story (we want to keep the suspense, so nothing more on that...). FEATURES * GaL will run on the latest version of the Source Engine, so that means you'll see HDR and the enhanced shadow system (as seen in HL2: Episode 1) in "Get a Life" as well * To give the player the best gaming experience possible, GaL will offer a custom HUD, an innovative healing system with several damage zones, drugs that will trigger a "bullet-time" effect, upgradeable weapons and enhanced enemy AI * About 11 hours of gameplay * 24 maps with varied environments * 61 characters * 13 weapons

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I deffinitely like the new gameplay mechanics the mod adds, Doom 3-style flashlight being a separate weapon was bearable, and the health system is really well-made, even though I thought health packs would be more rare, honestly. I also appreciate the ammount of effort put in the mod, however...

The mapping is sometimes confusing, for exampe, in one of the maps where you fight retextured antlion guard, you are given so much space and a sideroom with supplies and a button to push. There's even a working magnet on a cane, all of which combined made me think there's something I have to do in orer to continue. After a few minutes of running in circles and checking a walkthrough on You Tube it turned out that after defeating the boss I didn't even have to do anything else in there, just go to a door right next to the one I've come from in the first place.
There's also some maps that feel a bit out of place and I don't really have any idea what they were meant to represent, maps like a church located inside of a cave or burning catacombs straight out of "The Last Crusade". Pretty weird, if you ask me.

(A couple of observations I've made during my playthrough, feel free to skip this paragraph if you don't want to read all of it.)
Like in some other Half-Life 2 mods I've noticed some pretty badly thought-out, thus confusing, set pieces, for instance, in one of the chapters you can't destroy wooden planks blocking the way with any melee attacks, and you have to blow them up. The most logical thing to do is to stuck some of the barrels that fill the room and shoot them. Apparently that doesn't work at all, what you are supposed to do is to shoot a broken pipe in the floor that shoots gas out of it, so it creates a chain reaction which blows up the blocade. What?
In another map you have to stack boxes to continue, but the two most obvious ways to go are blocked by an invisible wall (even though one of them leads to where you are supposed to go anyway, and the other leads to a place you've been to just before). Shortly after, in the same map, you enter an elevator. After it crashes, you wake up several meters out of it, instead of inside (not to mention it has no impact on the story or anything at all). The only think you do in this area next is to enter another, same looking elevator, only this time you have to push a button both to enter and start the said elevator, while previously everything was working by its own. Inconsistence.
Another example of poor design - in one place, you have to shoot a piece of wood that blocks a lever. If you shoot it before a cutscene plays, and then try to proceed, the cutscene will still play, but it will be slowed down and it will be pretty much impossible to continue without loading last save. Things like that really hurt as they are frustrating for the player and could be easily avoided if someone has put more thought in these set pieces.

Occassionally bad english, but honestly, who am I to judge that? Also, I don't know if it's just me, but voice acting, aside from being very amateurish in exectution, is incredibly quiet compared to the rest of the game, weren't it for subtitles I wouldn't have ANY idea what the characters are saying at some points.

I could go on about the story, what is EVIS and what is their goal? Who the f*ck are the guys fighting EVIS and why do they want my help or why do they even trust me? Otherwise, the story is pretty generic and standard for a Half-Life 2 horror mod, nothing I haven't seen many times before.

Also, I swear spiders are making Unreal 2 arachnid noises.

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One of the best HL2 mods I have played to date. The gameplay is fun, never really getting tiring with the ever-changing enemies, combat environments and features which kept me interested every step of the way. The introduction of features like bullet time had me worried at first, but proved to be fun to use and balanced out. The level design is extraordinary, with constantly changing environments that ensure non-linear gameplay. The use of Hl2's physics engine also creates an enjoyable level of…

May 24 2012 by robofork