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Welcome to Half-Life 2: Genetic Variation, a mod where you play as a Combine-modified Headcrab. The Resistance is threatened by the surplus of the new crabs, but when modifying you, they made a huge mistake without knowing, causing you to become a smart and sentient Headcrab. Your job is unknown until later into the game. The Combine plan on releasing hundreds of shellers full of these new Headcrabs out into bases. You have to work together with humans to stop the evil force.

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Another bi-weekly issue of our articles. This one specifically goes over Houndeyes, Bullsquids and our new early logo, plus a new song.

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Hey everyone, we're finally back with another article to keep you guys updated on what we've been doing. We've gotten almost 130 watchers in the past few weeks, so we hope you're glad to see some more content. Let's get into it.

As like last time, we always include at least one song in every article we post, so by popular request, here's our next song in the line up. Have a listen.

If you finished listening, then I hope you liked it. If you listen to the drums, it may remind you of something. They're the low-quality type drums from Half-Life 1. They fit really well with the tune and melody of the song, especially the later portions. We don't have a name for this song at the moment, so if you'd help us decide, we'd be really happy.

Next up is the one thing you guys have been waiting for... Houndeyes and Bullsquids! Yes, by popular request and with everyone favoring over wanting to see the original Xenian monsters, they're finally apart of the game. Mostly. Take a 40 second peak.

As you can see, it's kind of a bit weird. The Houndeyes manages to decimate multiple Bullsquids with just one sonic attack. This is something we need to fix and make sure they'll rarely encounter each other. There are a lot of things we need to fix relating to them. For the Houndeye, we're going to give it fresh animations, a new texture, a new particle for the sonic attack, new rigging, a better model & some new AI too. Plus, maybe we'll implement the things Valve cut from the original Half-Life with animations and such. For the Bullsquid, we're going to give it a higher resolution texture, new UV maps, a slightly higher tris amount & of course, fresh animations, along with some new AI. The video is using the Half-Life: Source Bullsquid as a placeholder and we'll get the leak model as soon as we can. We hope you're happy with some familiar enemies.

Now for the finishing touches on the article, we have an early new logo to show to you guys. Here it is:

genetic vlogo claw01a

Like I said, it's early and our new developer and texture artist, Comic Sans, made it yesterday. We plan on updating it because having it entirely black just doesn't look good. Now, this is where you guys come in. What should we add to the new logo? You tell us in the comments section of the article and we'll see if your idea gets added to the logo. We hope you like to see what we have coming in the future.

Well, that's all for this week and we'll have a LOT more to show in the future, especially since the project is growing fast on our side. We promise we won't let you down. Stay tuned for more updates.

Bonus: Oh look, a bonus section, how lucky! Anyway, about a couple of days ago, #trigger_hurt & myself were discussing a new idea. Well, this idea is an entirely new Combine Sniper NPC. Basically, this new Sniper has a new model, new AI, custom textures and here's the catch... they can spawn in battle as a long range opponent. Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It will spawn in battle very rarely and if the player is in sight, it'll set up the bi-pod on the Sniper Rifle and try to shoot the player from a distance. Now, if the player gets closer to the Sniper, it'll obviously move to another spot a bit further. If the player moves further, the Sniper will get closer to the player and try to shoot. Now, the Sniper won't be as dangerous as it seems. Any map where a Sniper can spawn will have covers for the player to hide near. If the player manages to get really close to the Sniper, the Sniper will pull out a secondary, in this case, an AR2 or an SMG. This gives the player a chance to either use Headcrabs or go full in with your Claws and Acid. If you like this idea, tell us in the comments. We all love community feedback. That's the end of the bonus. Thanks everyone.

Allen-Scott Creator

I'm Comic Sans... Wish you'd refer to me as Allen Scott. lmao...

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Looks cool!! ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Why not use models from Black Mesa mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Why should they?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

They can't and probably won't.

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TheScoutwhocriedSpy Author

Using models from another mod is pure laziness. Plus, in Half-Life 2, it's been 20 years and they're starving for food, making them mostly skinny.

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Preety good progress. Also I love the logo.I kinda like it black more....So I cant suggest anything to make it better.

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(It won't let me edit anymore) As for the song what about "backwards hell".Also I have a suggestion.The overnome should be able to talk but hardly. It would make for interesting scenarios.

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Glad to see Houndeyes and Bullsquids are appearing in this mod. I'd honestly think it'd be cool if monsters from the beta appeared too. Imagine having to fight an Immolator as a Headcrab. I mean, that's what the things are for anyway.

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Houndeyes and Bullchikens!
(Houndeye is just a tiny lil bit OP) :p

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