Generations Arena is an "ultimate tribute" to id Software (developer of the Quake and Doom series) as well as id's fans. Developed and released under the Quake3 engine, Generations Arena recreates all the classic First-Person-Shooter gameplay styles, physics, and weaponry that FPS players have come to know and love. Players select their favorite "generation" among five choices. Each generation "class" has its own unique character, weapons, physics, and gameplay, all styled after such classic FPS deathmatches as Doom, Quake, and Quake2. Each class represents a particular style of FPS gameplay, so Quake2 fans feel at home with the Strogg Troopers, QuakeWorld fans enjoy the Slipgate class, and so on. Once players make their selection, they battle it out online against other players, generation versus generation. BFG balls sear the air, lightning guns fry unlucky swimmers, nailguns and chainguns cut through opponents, and chainsaws, fists, and axes deliver...

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Mod is great, but is almost unplayable because of this "hunk alloy 541364" thingy...

Was a fantastic layed out mod. It's nice to see all the classics there. But the lack of an easy to access menu, including adding bots and no sound was a substantial problem.


I love Total Conversions


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