This mod is a side project of a H.I.V.E Mode mod which would allow me to get basic knowledge about replication and stuff related to it. As there is another multiplayer mod by Cowboy Locust in development, I treat this like some kind of study of Gears Mechanics.

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Here is the tutorial for installing mod and for hosting game with new modes and weapons on map - read it carefully - for now You must use this scheme - later I'll do video tutorial. IMPORTANT INFO This mod works on LEGIT version of game - GO BUY GAMES YOU LAZY PIRATES!!!

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Installation Tutorial
1. Download File.
2. Unpack file in your GOW documents directory Example:

bmbr1990 wrote: C:\users\"USERNAME"\Documents\My Games\Gears of War for Windows

It's important, because if you do it wrong, cooker can get some errors and will not cook content very well or just won't cook it and crash;

3. Edit properties of Shortcut included in package to point at your WarGame-G4WLive.exe and leave rest of launch parameters, if you accidentally deleted it here they are, put them after WarGame-G4WLive.exe reference.

bmbr1990 wrote: CookPackages -platform=PC EMP_Canals EMP_Depot -user -installed -AlwaysRecookMaps -UpdateInisAuto -final_release


4. Run updated shortcut;
5. Wait until Cooking process is successfully finished;

IMPORTANT: This won't work on non-legit version - buy game you lazy pirate.

Hosting new game with new characters:
Until new hosting menu will be made you won't be able to host game via menu. Here is what you have to do to get it working.

1. Login to LIVE (Buy Game you lazy pirates)
2. Go to versus match -> and host some public/private match on default maps (for example host warzone on Warmachine)
3. As game is ready to launch type in console(it's important to not make any mistake while typing)

For Execution

bmbr1990 wrote: servertravel EMP_Depot?Game=ExtendMP.WarGameExtendedExecution

For King of the Hill

bmbr1990 wrote: servertravel EMP_Depot?Game=ExtendMP.WarGameExtendedKOTH

How to get new weapons on maps
New weapons and characters will work only on included maps so don't complain you does not found new characters. Weapons are only obtainable if you replace pickups on maps - to do it you have to add to servertravel command an option which replaces currently existing weapons

here is the list of default weapon aliases
WeapAlias="Boomshot",Weapon = BoomerWeapAlias="Bow",Weapon = Torque BowWeapAlias="Sniper",Weapon = LongshotWeapAlias="Frags",Weapon = GrenadesWeapAlias="Burst",Weapon = HammerburstWeapAlias="HOD",Weapon = HammerOfDawnWeapAlias="Pistol",Weapon = BoltokWeapAlias="None",Weapon = none

Here are weapon aliases for new weapons:

WeapAlias="HB",Weapon = HammerburstIIWeapAlias="Gorgon",Weapon = GorgonWeapAlias="Flame",Weapon = Scorcher (Flamethrower)

to replace pickups with servertravel just add(For Example):

bmbr1990 wrote: ?HOD=Flame

Which replace Hammer of Dawn and you'll be able to pickup Scorcher so here is the scheme


and Example of hosting a game

bmbr1990 wrote: servertravel EMP_Depot?Game=ExtendMP.WarGameExtendedKOTH?Burst=HB

so you'll be playing King of the hill on fuel depot and instead of Hammerburst there would be Hammerburst II.

For now 2 maps are avaible:

Hope we gonna meet on some hosts

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