After destroying the nightmare creature you are transported back to your base only to find that you have caused a rift between the nightmare realm and earth. The shadow of death has overcome your planet and let loose the nightmares on your world,it is up to you to destroy the gateway between these two worlds and save your planet from eternal darkness. - By Michael Hindman

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The mapping wasn't great, but the level design worked nice with the types of enemies that were featured. Fun game, depressing ending!

+Aliens inspired monsters are atleast fun for a short time fighting
+adequate ammunition
-Level design, its well, quite simple
-fairly short ~15minutes
-end fight is kind of easy really
-story is really brain dead.


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It was enjoyable, and playable. But there's not a whole lot more to defend your mod.

I personally dislike the ending, only because the "hero sacrificing himself" thing was done a million times now.

I would've given a 7/10 but I think 6/10 is high enough. At least it's better than the first one...


Okay i will admit this had some pretty good level design. The new re textured half life guns were cool too. But besides these two pros the rest of the mod is cons. 6/10 IMO.


The mapping isn't good and rather dull. but it has some cool cut-scenes. however the mod is very short but it also has some new weapons "kinda" and a new enemy. I have to say the ending is pretty darn dark...


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