GargArena is a teamplay mod for Half-Life. It features scaled down versions of the alien garg (from the original HalfLife) fighting against robots made by the scientists. It features a very nice particle engine, which models the flamethrowers perfectly. All new weapons, that we are trying to make original are included. So far we have an assault mode and an innovative 'maze ' mode, which to the best of our knowledge has never been seen before. It features levels that change from round to round. If you want to find out more go to our website and forums. If you want to join our team then you are welcome to post on our forums. We will accept anyone that will try hard and see their work through to the end.

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GargArena is a teamplay mod for Half-Life. It features scaled down versions of the alien garg (from the original HalfLife) fighting against robots made by the scientists. It features a very nice particle engine, which models the flamethrowers perfectly.

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Update: Friendly_Garg is in need of a coder to help the mod progress. If you have the time and talent please join!

1. State your real name, job, place where you are from and age. How did you get into Half Life?

Friendly_Garg: My real name is Entenie Kleerekoper, I just turned 19 years and I'm from Holland (The Netherlands). Don't have a job since I'm still going to school (I'm in computers, just one more year to go). I first read about Half Life in a game magazine. Though I never really liked games where you have to shoot and kill, the moment I saw this preview I thought "Oh my god, this looks great!". Too bad I used cheats the moment I bought it :P

2. GargArena was thought up when? Is the mod like another game or mod in your opinion?

Friendly_Garg: Can't really remember when it was thought up. There are so many things besides GargArena I have to do, I can't remember when we started work on this mod. It was really hard to find members, but most of the team members we have on our story/team joined GargArena (incase people wonder, our site features Half Life related "comic" picture stories). It's not just like any mod, you play as Gargs!! that's special! Well, at least for us it is :P

3. How long have you been working on GargArena ?

Friendly_Garg: A bit longer as one year I think..

4. Describe the best feature in the mod in your opinion? What should the person look for that they might miss?

Friendly_Garg: "Higherspeed" did some great work with the weapons the gargs/robots use. There is a second fire option people might don't know about. It's the laser weapon, press second fire and it fires a second fire thingy (we don't have a name for it sorry). Oh, and people often don't know GargArena maps have a different goals. People go kill eachother all the time as if it's just a regular team death match.

5. Describe the weapons and what the weapon you will use the most and why?

Friendly_Garg: Weapons for both Gargs and robots are the same. To describe the weapons is a bit hard, you'll have to see it ingame. Besides the weapons we have in GargArena, you can also use cheats and use all normal Half Life weapons incase you get bored. The robots and gargs have animations for that so no buggy models walk around :)

6. How is the damage system in GargArena ?

Friendly_Garg: I should ask Higherspeed about that one :D

7. Gameplays please explain them for the GargArena mod?

Friendly_Garg: Quoted from the site:

Team DeathMatch: The object of the game is to destroy the other team. The team with the most points wins.

Assault: One team must attack the objective, this varies from map to map. Then they must stay at the objective for a fixed amount of time. The defenders must repell attacks until the time runs out.

8. I see on the site many images are you working on more than this and I read you need a coder. How is that search going?

Friendly_Garg: Well, there is this "funpack", an ugly "mod" for this mod :P It replaces some models and adds a new map. In this pack you have to co-operate with each other as gargs against other aliens. But as I said, it's crappy and we're not working on it anymore.

As for our search for a coder, well, the problem with most people who want to join is that they always send one email saying they would like to join, and a few days later they disapear. We could've had 20 mappers by now and around 8 modelers.

We are still in need of a new coder.

9. Explain how the player classes will work and why I should be one over the other in your opinion:

Friendly_Garg: Your either the garg or the robot. They have the same weapons. Only reason why you should choose a certain team is depending on the map. For example, you have this map where you have to protect a bunch of computers. The robots want those computers destroyed, but the gargs (somehow) need to protect them. So, it depends on what you want, protect or attack.

10. What mods do you like in Half Life?

Friendly_Garg: Wow a lot:

Azure sheep, rocket crowbar, Todesangst, poke646, Heart of evil, intolerable threat, svencoop, pretty much all single player mods.

Final thoughts:

Friendly_Garg: Without Higherspeed there wasn't a GargArena mod for Half Life. Special thanks to him, and we're all sorry to see him leave. Also thanks to all the great reactions we had on this mod, we really didn't expect this at all.. specially since this is a very early beta version. People who are interested, we just started a new mod:

Cat Life ( ).


lets hope cat-life will survive the HL2 playerdrain.
although i think lost will stay because i doubt they'll all go buy new stuff to play the game.

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Friendly_Garg Creator

Let's hope we get the mod finished before september 30th :P

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