A gangster themed Half-Life mod, featuring the Russian and Italian mafias. This mod comes with four different game modes.

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the mod has a good texturing, design and interesting and uncommon guns...
the concept is original, but maps in overall looks little empty and that spaces was filled with default prefabs from Valve Hammer Editor.

Gangsta Wars is an incredibly fun experience that combines elements seen in arcade style shooters like HL:DM and more realistic ones such as Counter-Strike.

It has a good number of maps split between a few gamemodes from classic DM to a variant of FFA CTF to a VIP mode. There exists a good handful of weapons which can be picked up from dead players or bought from a store.

The built-in bots are fun to fight against and its overall just a very enjoyable experience with only minor flaws, mostly in the graphical department.


Pretty cool and realistic mod with a nice variety of guns to use and a bunch of good maps I guess.

The sad part is that nobody is playing this anymore... but you can still use bots and if you press E on them they will follow you which is helpful.

If your want a mafia mod of HL1, try this mod.


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