Gamma Energy visits the Aperture Science East facility, built after GLaDOS gained sentience. The goal was to create a facility where GLaDOS' research could be examined and tested without harm to employees or other people who actually... mattered, without her knowledge. Pick up a prototype Portal Device and try not to die.

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Aug 20 2010 Anchor

Firstly, great mod!
secondly... I love doing least portals challenges and for complex maps I always try and beat the gold records...
Some levels I thought I pulled the most complex route to get the least portals possible and only achieved bronze medal, while others I did relately easily without doing anything really tricky and was able to get at least 1 portal less than gold...
here are a few gold ones that I beat:

05 - Your own portals: 2 portals (gold: 3)
08 - Unsatisfactory: 2 Portals (gold: 3)
28 - Self Esteem: 5 portals (gold: 8)
29 - Sickening: 16 Portals (gold: 21)

also... is '24 - you have to break the glass' really doable in 4 portals?! I can get like... 8 at best :S
anyways, If anyone else has gotten better than gold for any other test chambers post here :)
(hopefully it's ok for me to post stuff here...)

Aug 20 2010 Anchor

Yes. Chamber 24 is doable in four portals. You'll need to find a different way to break the glass. It's something I figured out during development (Seriously, I've played through that level at least a few hundred times now) and I've seen a few other people figure out how to do it in Portal at the first rocket turret.

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