2011 release renamed to: G STRING BETA. The Dec. 19 2011 release is now referred to as a beta release- read the mod's "news" to see why. Download the beta in the mod's "downloads" section.

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I might be 6 years to late, but whatever, i write this "Review" anyway...

When i first heard about G String back in the days, it looked promising for me. I always wanted to download and play it. Well, that was some years ago.
Luckily, i did it that yesterday and finally started playing this masterpiece.
It amazed and still amazes me how much different this game is from Half-Life 2 and how modders manage that. Sure the AI and the physics is the same, but apart from that, it's a whole new game. And 12 hours play time guaranteed? No kidding, this is a BIG mod! And the maps aren't even that small...
Gameplay-wise, i have some mixed feelings. The atmosphere is great. You get into some great dystopian feeling. You see the characters, the environment, hear the sounds. Everything fits together. Sure, the textures are low-res for todays "standards" but You don't complain about graphics when playing Deus Ex 1 now, do Ya? (Even though this Mod is from 2011)
Some maps are, even for my adventurous taste, too complex. Always, when i finally managed to find the exit i was like "Dude! This was the RIGHT way? I was just climbing for fun and You want to tell me that You have to go this way??? Other players will definetely have a bad time figuring that out!" That always went through my head at an exit.
Some hints or a tad bit of guidance would've helped here. Especially for players who are not fimiliar with source-engine games / mods and it's physics... (But that's just me)
Also, there are dead-ends in almost every map. I like that, it's realistic, but there are too long, as You would have to backtrace many times the same way back.
Also, some fights were really epic and such, but getting swarmed by enemies (especially at the end) is a bit frustating (Wasn't for me, but others will surely rage at that). I played on "hard", maybe that's why, but Your Overpowered with Tele- and Pyrokinesis anyway...
Story-wise i am stunned. There aren't that many (great) games about our dark future and our shady governments. But luckily i played this mod.
It's got an very deep meaning about our life and it's purpose.
Meantioning of the "Illuminati" was a good choice. Not many people can do that. Also choosing the player-character to be a woman and to be from a ethnic minority also shows us, how a "no-one" can become "someone", who is feared by even the most powerful beings on this planet.
There could be better music, as some music sounded a bit too childish. I get the "asian" background and they do sometimes have "wierd" music, but some sci-fi techno / futuristic rock would've made the fights 2 times better. Heading on.

I really enjoyed this mod, but i think others won't really enjoy it, especially for it's "complex" maps.
I rate this mod a 9/10. Many points go for telling us the "Truth" and the effort, that was put into this mod (and still being put into!)
Minus one point for the gameplay and it's maps (They are not bad, but the exit is really hard to find/reach).
And seriously, if this would be made into a film/movie, it would definitly end as an "blockbuster" like "I, robot" or "Blade runner".
Also, i noticed some references to both movies and to Metro 2033 (Subway maps).

Well, yeah, You did a hell of a job! Keep it up and never give up!

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At first let me tell you that I review the 1.0 version here. This mod is one single masterpiece. It takes a place now in my hall of fame hl2 mod list in my head, I wish I could give it a 10, I really wish, but sadly there are some flaws which makes it impossible todo so for me. The good things: This mod does have a straight out amazing atmosphere. Everything fits, the level design is impressive to revolutioning. You walk over house roofs then down to the canals to get back into a house to cross…

Jan 15 2012 by SolidFake