Full Invasion 2 is a co-op module for Mount & Blade: Warband where players come together to survive countless waves of invading enemies and bosses. It has been voted one of the most popular multiplayer modules within the community, and is still under active development to this day.

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The new update has removed 90% of the maps, going from 107 to 16. As well as the vast majority of factions, citing them as unpolished and rarely played, even though I personally went back to Amber and checked, finding that 17 factions were played regularly, not including those which were played irregularly. Yet the entire update has less factions than what I've stated.

An update should be to add content, not delete most of it and destroy what was of the previous community. Maps such as Minas Tirith, Japanese castle, Lockmaar, and whole host of others maps that were played SIGNIFICANTLY are completely removed, and replaced with subpar ones that lack memorability, save for Hornburg. Yet some have also said none of these maps were played, when they literally defined the mod.

The final straw is the fact that instead of giving around 1200 denars for each kill, you are now given a paltry 200, with heros costing around 60k to buy. That's right. If you want to play as a hero you have to kill at LEAST 300 bots, not to even mention the atrocious bot spam in this release.

They said they made this to favor quality over quantity, but it seems they have stripped both, except for the bot spam, which has been ramped up significantly to include hundreds of bots each round. But wait! They are easier to kill than before. Quality over quantity am I right?

They want to include the elements of teamwork (in an online game, lol). Fine. But in a game such as this where teamwork includes one line crouching and holding block while the other attacks with 2handers and spears, nobody is really having much fun. No longer can you go out and fight the enemies individually as they will literally ******* swarm you. Farewell solo playing, farewell all types of battles that don't include shieldwalls. Hello RMB teamwork!

Good things include better loading speeds, higher FPS, and perhaps an interesting tier-system, one which I'd have to get used to.

I'm tempted to give this a one, not because it's terrible, nor because it removed what made it previously a 9/10, but because it no longer deserves it's current high rating, as those were counted for the previous version of the mod. As it stands I'll give it a 2, unless things improve.

Edit: After having been banned off the discord for posting a mere meme (literally all I did), and having my criticism deleted on steam, and having my comments questioning the removal of my criticism deleted from Steam, it's obvious that the modders don't give a **** about the users. Probably only doing it for their Patreon supporters. Therefore I give this the lowest rating possible, 1. It's a damn shame you used the same page as Amber to host this mod, as it definitely is a lot worse than Amber, and she did not deserve to be rated so poorly.

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One of the best mods I've ever played.

Jan 27 2013 by Blade4You2Die