Full Invasion 2 is a co-op module for Mount & Blade: Warband where players come together to survive countless waves of invading enemies and bosses. It has been voted one of the most popular multiplayer modules within the community, and is still under active development to this day.

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Full Invasion: Osiris' version 1.3, our swansong to the community, is now released! With over half a year of development put into it, based on community feedback, this update is Osiris' biggest yet, and makes it the best mod it can be. Download details and the changelog can be found in this article.

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Greetings, Defenders

Full Invasion: Osiris version 1.3 is now available for download! After two months of beta testing - both closed and public - we are now ready to publicly release this update. It's been over a year since the last update to Full Invasion, which we considered to be the ultimate version of the mod at the time. Over time, however, our community pointed out that there were certainly areas for improvement, so once we learned we would be unable to work on Full Invasion 3 for some time yet, we decided to return to FI2 and create an even better version. Our swan song to the community, if you will. This update addresses the biggest concerns with earlier versions of the mod, by making it more accessible for new players (while ensuring our veterans remain challenged), getting rid of most of the wait time, adding much requested playable factions, improving the admin mechanics, and much more.

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The new Roman subfaction of the Ancient World.

Download locations

As usual, there are three different ways to download the mod. You can either download the installer for Osiris on Windows, download the mod through the Steam Workshop, or download it the old fashioned way, as an archive. We recommend using the Steam Workshop, as that will automatically update the mod for you when we release future patches.


Since we can’t list every tiny detail here, instead we’ll unceremoniously dump the major changes into a couple of arbitrary categories!


  • Changed the name of the Greek City States (both invasion and defender) to The Ancient World, and added the Roman Empire as a new subfaction to it. The invasion also has a bunch of Roman troops in it, and each boss wave has a Roman or Greek/Persian version.
  • Added a new invasion faction: The “Full” Invasion - a completely random invasion that randomly spawns bots from all other invasions.
  • Added the Isengard subfaction to the Lord of the Rings, and added Uruk troops to the Mordor subfaction.
  • Added two new Wissenland classes to the Empire of Sigmar. These classes are modeled after the line infantry and captain classes found in Napoleonic Wars, and can as such be used for NW-themed gameplay.
  • A lot of new invasion spawn sound effects have been added, especially for the Saracen and Crusader invasions.

20210516152458 1

The new respawn selection screen.

Balance Changes

  • Changed the respawn system to a life-based timer system, with the following rules:
    • Players start with 2 lives.
    • Players receive an extra life at the end of every wave, up to a maximum of 2 lives.
    • If a player lives all the way through a boss wave, they receive a third life. If a player dies during the boss wave, or joins late into the wave, they do not receive a third life.
    • If a player dies, they respawn 90 seconds later, even in the middle of a wave.
    • If a player has 0 lives left, they respawn as soon as they gain a life.
  • Added a spawnpoint selection system, with which players can choose where to spawn on the map.
  • Several hero powers have been changed to make use of this new spawn system. Most notably, Reinforce now gives every player with 0 lives (all dead players) one life, so they instantly respawn.
  • Several changes have been made to gold gain:
    • Players now receive 1000 gold at the end of each wave. This allows late joiners to instantly pick elite classes if they join past wave 20.
    • Legendary boxes now cost 40.000 gold to use, to prevent players from exploiting the fact that they join with more than 30.000 gold late game.
  • Almost all hero abilities have had their cooldown reduced. Several of the abilities have also had their effectiveness increased. Most notably:
    • Pulse of Undeath now works on all non-boss enemies, and spawns multiple skeletons from the same corpse if the bot was exceptionally strong.
    • The Corrupt/Shifting Sands ability now converts more bots at once.
  • Changed the way bosses resist staggering. The mechanism now works in the following way:
    • If a boss or large enemy is hit 5 times within 5 seconds, they become immune to staggering for 10 seconds.
    • Once an enemy’s stagger immunity triggers, it emits some particles, and its healthbar changes colour. Once its stagger immunity is gone, the healthbar returns to the normal colour.
    • Even during the stagger immunity, the enemy will still stagger under the same circumstances as before (hits to the head, or heavy damage with crush through weapons).
    • This system should allow skillful players to duel with bosses, since they’ll not hit often enough to trigger the immunity. Groups of players will have a bit more trouble, but will still have windows of opportunity to hit the boss when their immunity is down.
  • The Saracen, Crusader, and Calradian invasions are harder in the late game now.
  • The effectiveness of piercing weapons has been reduced somewhat (for both players and invaders).

20210516152622 1

A new Isengard hero, with his Berserker guards.


  • Added fire arrows to every archer class. Fire arrows are slightly more expensive than normal arrows, and come in slightly smaller packs.
  • Added 27 new legendary items, including lightsabers.
  • Added dozens of new items to the random boxes.
  • All firearms now have a melee mode. Pressing X with a firearm in hand (even a pistol) lets you smack enemies over the head with it. Send those bots to horny jail!
  • A lot of item variants from the Calradia and Crusader factions have been removed to make place for the Roman subfaction.
  • Almost every item in the mod (about 5600 of them) has had its stats changed. Poheniks, one of the new developers on the team, wrote a series of massive scripts and sheets to mechanically balance the items, while separating them into tiers (quite like the way classes are tiered). All this should help combat the feeling that weapons are very similar to each other.
  • High end weapons have been buffed quite a bit, both for players and for invaders. This should make the late waves quite a bit more dangerous, while giving players the tools to take them on.

Admin Features

  • The amount of custom map slots has been increased from 12 to 200. This should allow servers to customize to their hearts’ content.
  • Custom maps can now be renamed through the server files.
  • New props have been added to the scene editor. These are variants of the geometric props (simple cylinders, cubes, stairs, etc) which use the exact same texture as the ground textures.
  • The items that can be spawned in by admins have been changed to be more interesting.
  • Servers can now automatically broadcast a message that repeats every X minutes. The message and interval can be set in the administrator panel.
  • Admins can now disable (or re-enable) individual classes of a faction in the troop selection screen. This can be done by right-clicking the class while logged in as admin.
  • Added an option to the admin menu to slay every player playing as a currently disabled class (for those pesky players who picked a class before you disabled it).

Fire arrows in Osiris!


  • Every class in the mod (700+) has had their stats rebalanced, to change up the meta choices, and create a better identity for the factions and classes.
  • Several heroes give different buffs, or buff more/different troops.
  • Players can now view the stats, equipment and buffs of a hero, even when another player already purchased it. This will allow players to know what kind of buffs to expect (or drool over the greener grass on the other side).
  • A new class, the Arcane Engineer, has been added to the Arcane Empire, which plays differently from other classes. This class has access to several different types of arcane turrets, which have a set amount of ammo, and automatically fire on nearby enemies.
  • In total, 68 new defender classes have been added (each of these classes is in their invasion too).

Noteworthy Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes remain as their old class when trying to change to an elite class with the wardrobe (losing their money in the process).
  • Fixed Khamûl’s selection screen showing him seemingly buffing Sigmar troops instead of LOTR troops.
  • Fixed hero abilities triggering the cooldown on nearby heroes, if the first hero’s ability affected them.
  • The difficulty of the Grey Company wave has been reduced.

Gratulations to the new version release! The change log sounds very interesting, good work of the team!

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Halfkroon/Maroon Author

Thanks Earendil! Hope you have the time to enjoy this version at some point too.

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I think I could make some time free, my old laptop will however not manage it anymore. High numbers of players/bots have always been a problem for it. Will give it a try though, looking forward for it ^^

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Feels good m8 :)

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Hopefully this will draw in all the players that were turned off by the long waiting times in the old spawning system

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