* New Features: There are no new 3Dmax created objects in the map. I have been learning how to make new objects this past year, but I decided not to include any in FIII, mainly because it is complicated enough. Watch out for Gems. They can be 'used' from inventory for special abilities. The rockets that you will find lying around can be thrown (as in F1), but now you can carry up to 4 in the items inventory. If there are any weapons that cannot be picked up, there is a reason for it. At the last minute I added the new arrows/bows stuff that I tried out in ProsperoArena3 demo map. You can now drop bows and pick up more powerful heavy and medium bows. Arrow damage is set according to Player Level as each individual arrow is drawn. (Also applies to enemy archers). * Bugs * This is a very big map. (Too big probably...). Hopefully I have caught all the bugs, but due to the complexity of the whole project there are bound to be more that arise. The only one I would mention is a minor...

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Great mod, loved everything, especially the Henry's inn part.

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