FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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Free Ride Extreme Editor [Rev.5]
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A story for you: There's a free-to-play game called Blacklight: Retribution. It's made by a fairly reputable company and is also fairly successful. When that game crashes, it creates a crash log and dump file, and it is supposed to launch a crash reporter. None of the logs or dumps are automatically deleted or overwritten. Each dump is usually larger than one gigabyte. See where this is going? The game eats disk space and requires manual deletion of the logs... and most people don't even know they exist.

It's a shame standard stuff that should be obvious is forgotten and then outright ignored by big-time developers.

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Vetron Author

Even Windows itself can be a problem for that sort of thing - a simple 'clean disk' will often reveal gigabytes of wasted disk space due to these dumps.

I don't know if its possible for me to write in some sort of file size or line count detection and overwrite - I think it would be quite a complicated function given the nature of the language the program is written in (external input is limited at best). If I was using a better language then it would be pretty easy - so these big time devs certainly have no excuse.

Here's the API I'm working with: Smallbasic.com
Simple isn't always simple xD

An idea just thinking off the top of my head would be to force a counter in the configuration file - so every time the program is executed a write to the counter is made. When it exceeds maybe 25 program executions a new log file is created (log2) and counter reset (so there is now log1 and log2). When the counter exceeds 25 again, the same will repeat, but log1 will be cleared and the program will being logging there again.
The pattern would repeat itself so you would keep a log of what the program did at-least 25 executions ago and nothing more.

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Another revision of the Free Ride Extreme Editor app, since the last revision (shown here: Moddb.com) I have implemented a "Random" button feature, as well as done several optimizations to the code.

The random button, when pressed will present the user with one of several scenarios, which will then be randomized slightly to always be different. For instance rather than every value being completely randomized and likely a mess, the editor will only give random values based around varying weather types. This could include a rain storm, heavy fog, light rain, mixed snow/rain, light clouds, tornado and so on.
Also the editor 'knows' not to give a snow storm in the middle of a sandy desert, and will also give greater rainfall in temperate landscapes as-well. The zone, point and time is not randomized as those are key values the user would likely wish to set. All randomized results can be changed by entering a custom value in the text-box or by pressing the + or - buttons.

The main optimization is adjustments to the refresh of symbols and text relating to each value. Before every time you change an item of text all the symbols and text refreshed - now only the last updated item will refresh.
I suppose it doesn't make any difference at all in practical performance terms - but its less sloppy...

One additional improvement is the implementation of a simple log system, which records activity in the program and exports a note to a text file. At least that way on the off chance people do encounter a bug or require assistance they can simply copy and paste the log into a private message to make it easier for me to identify the issue.
The size of this log is going to be insignificantly small (few kb's max), but I'll eventually include a button in the configurator to clear it and maybe even disable it if they wish. Standard stuff really.

More updates to follow...

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