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Aug 11 2011 Anchor

This file; VehiclesParam.tsc, is located in the 'Param' folder and contains pretty much every variable concerning the handling and presentation of vehicles ingame.
It is essentially a text file where each line looks similar to this:

VehiclePP 75 0.05

The purpose of this here thread is to document the meaning of as many VehiclePP's we find.

Please be aware that the file can be very confusing to edit, thanks to it's sheer length (56000 lines) and the fact that it isn't structured for particularly easy editing. If you don't have a decent editor with fancy stuff like split-windows and bookmarks expect to get lost frequently and scroll up and down like crazy. If somebody feels the urge to make a nice and tidy spreadsheet out of it, by all means.

(Vetron, feel free to edit this post as you see fit.)

46 front wheel/axle powered? [0|1]
47 rear wheel/axle powered? [0|1]
58 ride height (or stiffness?), front
61 ride height (or stiffness?), rear
153 off-road 'resistance'
323 on-road 'resistance'
324 max. RPM
325 idle RPM
339-347 do somehow describe the 'friction' while in particular gears
349 number of gears
352 1st gear ratio
353 2nd gear ratio
354 3rd gear ratio
355 4th gear ratio
356 5th gear ratio
357 6th gear ratio
539 camera forward/backward
540 camera pivot point forward/backward
541 camera left/right
542 camera pivot point up/down
545 field-of-view at zero speed
546 field-of-view at max speed
584 damage-related (how much damage 0...100% perhaps?)
585 vehicle hitpoints?
631 drives on water? [0|1]

Okay, that's it for now.


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Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Aug 23 2011 Anchor

Useful to have this here, I will try and add to this when I can.

Edited by: Vetron

Oct 12 2011 Anchor

Did some more futzing-about in the game files.

Oct 17 2011 Anchor

Worked a bit more into the parameters. Published the info in a wiki (for easier info editing / adding, and having it mirrored somewhere)
Feel free to add info there, but i would also ask to provide a brief explanation of how each parameter works.

Yesterday i discovered the parameters for (left/right) leaning the bikes, gravity center, some parameters to improve skidding (and handling),the parameters for climbing walls / offroad grip, and grip in dirt roads.
The wiki i started is this: Fuelmodding.wikia.com

Edited by: hi-ban

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