An expansive mod for the game FTL: Faster Than Light. Adds over 500 new enemies, over 100 new weapons and 100 new drones! Also expands heavily on the lore, with new factions, sectors, and races included in an immersive new galaxy and story. Multiverse also adds some mechanics you may recognize from other mods, such as crew socialization or combat augments, but done better, to eliminate as much RNG from them as possible. Combat augments are guaranteed to work every time, and have effects that are much more practical in combat. You can also now assign your crew to jobs at empty beacons, to do many different tasks such as repairing the hull, mapping the sector, or running a salvage operation. Multiverse uses Hyperspace, the brand new hard coded modding API for FTL, to add features not previously possible for other mods, such as infinite player ships, new crew races, custom beacon labels, and more!

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