Freeworlds 18.XX MK II is the continuation of the old 18.XX Freeworlds mod, With the bug fixes and new features of 19.XX all rolled into one amazing package, With plenty of systems and ship to choose from. Finding that niche that you can fill is easy, If its being a Jedi and fighting for Liberty and Freedom or a Sith and lusting for ultimate power this mod has enough to satiate even the most bloodthirsty Tyrant.

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Freeworlds can be an absolute blast. This last July marked my three year anniversary as part of the Freeworlds (19.xx) community. Find yourself a niche in our galaxy, hook up with people, get involved in a faction, and you will find yourself right at home. As Starkill said, Territorial Engagements ("TEs") are a lot of fun, and can become a real highlight to the week. Certainly something I look forward to at the end of each work week. :)

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