Over 75 new ships added to the freelancer game - Over 500 new pieces of equipment (Weapons, shields, engines, thrusters, upgrades, and more!) - Over 20 new commodities for you to buy and sell - Over 40 new music tracks for systems, bars, and intros - Over 45 new sounds for various equipment & weapons - 1 buyable battle station for players (Used to be 3)- Core return program for expensive ships - 10 additional systems - 14 additional factions - A gauntlet in the arena for players to run with over 20 grueling trials. - Internal police featuring Starfyre creators & ships - New costumes for Trent, Juni, and King - An arena system where players can test there metal against NPC or PVP. - Planets use a new system for docking, no more old docking rings - New Freelancer menu with advanced options (Difficulty level, more graphic, key, & sound options)

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