FragOut! is a Half Life 2 multiplayer mod, in which you only get different kinds of grenades to fight with, instead of the usual weapons. Forcing players to adapt at using only throwing weapons new tactics are sure to arise!

RSS Podcast17 - Transmission 10909

This week we talk briefly about the future of jailbreak source; interview DuckSauce & PhanracK from FragOut.

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This week we talk briefly about the future of jailbreak source; interview DuckSauce & PhanracK from FragOut and later we talk with Ackart about his newest project. This weeks blast from the past is Day of Defeat 3.1b and we have three audio questions.

Also, the show was broadcast live for the first time this week thanks to HLCreations. It wasn’t perfect, so apologies to those who listened live about the occasional dead air and unbalanced voice levels on the live stream. Both of those issues were our fault rather than HLCreations.

Extended Show Notes


  • 00:01:15 - William, Ackart - ragnarokarena source, Thomas, DuckSauce & PhanracK from Fragout.

Podcast17 News

  • 00:03:30 - Live on Half-Life Creations now 10AM EST every Sunday.
  • 00:04:00 - IRC Channel: #podcast17
  • 00:04:30 - Forums have been relocated to Half-Life Creations.
  • 00:05:00 - Podcast17 ModDB profile online.


  • 00:05:30 - Rebellion Discussion.

Straight from the Mouth of Valve

  • 00:09:00 - L4D Update (no SDK), exploit fixes + versus changes.
  • 00:10:15 - Steam update / Internet browsing in game.

Release List

  • 00:12:15 - Legacy Single Player.
  • 00:16:15 - Custom Coop Demo Released.
  • 00:19:45 - Fireguns 1.4.3 Released.
  • 00:22:15 - HDHL from
  • 00:25:00 - Scientist Slaughter House Mod Messup Beta 2.
  • 00:30:15 - Smashball 0.9.2 Released with Stat Tracking.

Media Blitz

  • 00:31:15 - Jailbreak Source Deathball Video.
  • 00:34:00 - Age of Chivalry announced a release date: Feb 20th.
  • 00:35:00 - Future of Suicide Survival.
  • 00:36:50 - Zombie Panic Source Media release.
  • 00:39:00 - Dead before Dawn Trailer.

Topic of the Week (Scientist Slaughter House)

  • 00:40:15 - Thomas talks about SSH and DoD1.3.
  • 00:40:45 - Ackart is speechless.
  • 00:41:00 - Ducksauce and PhanracK choose Left 4 Dead.
  • 00:41:15 - William Chooses SSH or the MOTY awards.

Blast from the Past

  • 00:41:45 - Day of Defeat 3.1Beta.


  • 00:45:30 - Interview with DuckSauce and PhanracK from Fragout.
    • Introduction to Fragout
    • Grenade Abilities
    • Various Gameplay Modes
    • Fragout Maps
    • Future of Fragout
    • How can people start their own mod?

Listener audio Questions

  • 00:53:45 - Com-Rante asks what colour are our cats.
  • 00:55:15 - Phillip asks "What is the most innovative or interesting game play mechanic we've played over the past couple of months".
  • 00:59:15 - Alex asks "what should happened with unfinished mods?".

Last Minute Interview

  • 01:02:30 - Thomas interviews Ackart and his newest project Paradigm Shift.
    • Why is it called Paradigm Shift?
    • What direction is Paradigm Shift going in?
    • What will set Paradigm shift apart from other mods?
    • What should the player be aware of?
  • 01:10:15 - Wrap-up

One day I'll be able to do an interview where when asked a question I don't become EXTREMELY, LOUD, AND, STUTTERY.

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William Author

Yea this week it should be corrected with the use of skype. Sorry about the ****** sound quality.

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Love the podcasts. Between ModDB and Podcast17 getting a lot of insight and updates to our favorite mods and games. Also appreciate you discussing the ZP:S Media Release as it was sorta buried quickly heh. Just to clear some things up. NMRiH content includes the map Harvest which was donated by Darth_Brush and is being completed by the team. Cabin Fever which is still in development by SlimZ who is now completing it for ZP:S. But Darth_Brush also sent us the ZP:S map he was working on DeadCity which is also being completed by the ZP:S team. The Animations however were created by the incredibly talented Swolf who is a ZP Team member.

Looking forward to the next show.

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Man, I really can't wait for Fragout, great interview Ducksauce and PhanRack, you guys are geniuses!

Having been lucky enough to get a few playtests of Fragout in, I can honestly say, it's brilliant and one of the most pure fun mods I've played in ages. There's something hilarious and exhilirating at using the Sailboat nade to blast yourself sky high, then charging a melon and lobbing it at the head of someone passing underneath you!

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the Jailbreak/Deathball trailer too :D

Go Fragout!

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