FF is a single-player mod for Doom3:ROE aiming to bring the classic gameplay to the maximum. Lots of action, 10+ new big maps, new monsters, new weapons, new soundtrack, advanced AI, power-ups and a well-balanced gameplay that will push your skills to their limit. Add the ability to drive a vehicle and to fight as a demon in 3rd-person perspective and you get a good idea of what is waiting for you :D

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This mod is fragging awesome!


One of the BEST BEST mods out there...



Best monster/fps action of this generation so far


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i just cant believe h0w crazy the

preview_video is l0oks great really

~ ; . *


Simo-K says

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one of the best mods I've ever seen
for DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil


WARNING! NOT FUNCTION! After 10 minute is game CRASH and log iclude many errors! This is NOT TESTED!!!

When I win the Sector 1 (when you ascend over a Capsule), the game crashes!!!! I generate qconsole.log and include many 38 warnings and next crash: "Couldn't load image" and " is already contained by body 'head'"... my resume - game is not function.. ****!

(My Doom 3 play ok, my doom 3 resurrection of evil ok, install patch 1.3.1. and installation FF final version 1.2..)

Eh, I tried to like this. As a fan of Doom, Duke 3d, Painkiller, and Serious Sam this mod kind of annoyed me. It gives us fast speed, fast weapon switch, along with those fast dodges by tapping the strafe keys that reminds me of Unreal Tournament. But the gameplay is unfortunately no where near the level of the games I've played.... The levels are so insultingly simple and drab. The new weapons are ridiculous, apart from the flamethrower, shock rifle and railgun. The new enemies are great but the whole slow motion thing is terrible, it makes all the enemies glow really bright (so much that it hurts my eyes) and when combined with all the new weapons that fire balls of light it adds to the visual noise that I've come to hate.

Whoever made should have just tried to make levels similiar to Doom 1 or 2...

While it has good use of scripted sequences, the "possession" power up makes you move as a slow monster and thus it imposes a very limited set of tactics of "shoot shoot shoot".
And I don't have to say how much I hate vehicle sections.
Sure Doom 3 took a slower approach to gameplay but had the advantages of building ambiance and storytelling. Fragging Free has no real advantages really, just alot of missed potential.


Wow, this enhances RoE/Doom3 in breathtaking ways.

So except for a few problems with controlling/fighting as a demon (it's too jumpy, ouch), it's pure awesomeness.


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