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Ever wanted to have the fort walls from the AOE3/TWC/TAD campaign actually buildable in game? Well now you can. Want features which enhance and improve defences? You got it. want nifty new cards, units, buildings, upgrades, techs, maps and other things to all try it on? Well this it what this mod will feature. Balance is taken into consideration at all times throughout its production. Try it out now! :D!

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Here is a sample list of a few cards/techs and what they do, other is a list of simply the names of the cards/techs. If you want take a guess and what they'll do. I'll post extended info on them soon :)

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Sample Tech Ideas

Tech: Eastern Mass Defences.

2750 Wood, 2750 Gold, 3250 Food

Tech Type:
Card, Requires age 4/5, Requires Asian Fortified Walls tech,
requires level 25 Homecity, and all related "fortifications upgrades"
on that card tree to be researched. Can only be sent ONCE (for obvious

"Rivalling nations are responding to the new Asian
forces, and in turn are amassing new defensive technologies. These
times call for an urgent response!" This upgrade provides numerous
powerful defensive upgrades for the Asians.

1) Allows the usage of the mighty "Fortified Outposts"

2) Increased the attack damage of castles, town centres, and normal outposts etc

3) Adds "resistances" to walls and other defensive structures (Hand, ranged, or siege etc) + Small HP bonus's

4) Extends the range of siege and defensive units and buildings by a small...but effective amount

5) Increased AreaOfEffect damage for all siege units by a small amount

6) Increased the RateOfFire for defensive structures by a small amount (Except for Fortified Outposts)

7) Increased build limits of all defensive structures...outposts (not fortified) by 5,
castles by (unknown amount at this time) town centres by 1 etc

8) In turn to all this, there are some major costs to pay...all defensive structures from now on take 4x as long to build

9) Siege units take 2x as long to train

10) Costs of units aren't effected...but structure cost is by 5x for walls, 0.5x for current defensive structures.

The build cost for Fortified Outposts will be 625 wood each, and to a
max of 10-20 (Default outpost count will be increased to 20 for ALL races,
then to 25 with the upgrade)


Building/Unit name: Fortified Outpost (Or Fort tower w/e)

5750HP with 60% siege resistance, + 20-30% hand AND ranged resistance (we'll see, depends on balance)

Great bombard (The biggest cannon projectile) cannon attack which does, 400/500 damage, + some bonuses against select units...has AOE damage of about 10-15 has a range of 24-26 and has a rate of fire of about 1 shot every 8-12 seconds (for balance)

635 wood

Build limit:

TOB(Time Of Build):
Same time as FORT, maybe slightly less.

Other notes/Special Abilities:
Cant do much damage to single infantry but...the AOE damage compensates for this when their are large groups. May Feature some much less powerful "rapid fire" cannon/ranged attack for usage against fast moving high damage single or "spaced out" infantry/cavalry etc

-50% against "single" infantry, +10-30% ships maybe


Tech Name: The Blessings of our Ancestors

2500 Wood, 3150 Gold, 2500 Food

Tech Type/Requirements:
Card, Age 4/5, Native Fortified Walls upgrade purchased, Final stage of war-hut research complete, level 25 HC, and again all related "defensive" card upgrades bought/unlocked whatever. Sent ONCE for again obvious reasons.

"The old ways, although tradition to our people, are becoming under threat by the men of the east and west, but our prayers have been answered, we have been greatly blessed"

1) Expert craftsmen have allowed for an increase of HP to all defensive buildings by 20/25% and war-huts by (TBC%) (5-10% for walls)

2) New threaded and super bolted material has allowed for a 15% siege resistance and a 10% bonus (where applicable) against siege units on all structures

3) New allying tribes have allowed us the use of the "Inca Outpost" to be build, a new age defense manned by a sharpshooter capable of a gunpowder based "bullet" attack (like normal outposts, estimated specs at end of list)

4) Slight increase in ROF and Range of all defensive ranged structures

5) Siege units now have more melee and ranged resistance

6) Increased build limits of Warhuts to 15-20 and (Inca outposts to stay at 10-15) too. (Less because they are much bigger than outposts)

7) And possibly the best benefit of this tech...the ability to build A SECOND FIREPIT!!! So you can have TWO... YES 2!! Dances going on at once :D "ZOMGHAX!?" you guys are thinking? Never fear :P I have many balancing ideas to now follow including downsides etc:

8)Fire pits can only allow 15 people on each one, so 15 on one and 15 on the other...I will decide later if I will allow you to be able to do the same dance on both...since its only 5 more than if for 1 pit...i will consider it and if its too unbalancing i will remove it and only allow 1 dance on each FP at any 1 time. I may increase the time it takes to initiate dances, maybe increase the time it takes to start a new dance by 5 or 10x depending on w/e. we'll see people

9) Once again all defensive structures and siege units have their build times, and costs increased: Build Time's: walls 3x as long, all other defensive structures 50% as long, all siege units 1.4x as long: Costs: 1.5x defensive structures, 4x for walls, 1.3x for siege units

10) Maybe an adjustment to the % based system of what the dances provide, again we shall see :).


Tech: Supreme Fortifications.

3150 Wood, 2350 Gold, 3150 Food

Tech Type:
Card, Requires age 4/5, Requires Fortified walls tech,
requires level 25 Homecity, and all related "fortifications upgrades"
on that card tree to be researched. Can only be sent ONCE (for obvious

"The Europeans have settled in nicely to this new age. Even though familiarity is on their side, their confidence may get away from them...Seeing the Asians and now even the natives substantially improving their colonies, they can longer just flaunt their...they must begin to bite back! This tech provides substantial upgrades for the European races.

I have not yet finalised what I plan for the Euros as of yet in this upgrade, please stand by a few more days while I put the list together

And finally some new card/tech names:



-Eastern Mass Defences
-Diplomatic Supremacy
-Budoka Training
-Kami of the Elements
-Economic Corruption
-Martial Law
-Prototype Mariner Technologies
-Legends of the far east


-Blessing of our Ancestors
-United Tribesmen Alliance
-Trustworthy Companions
-Gun powder Mastery
-Naval Encouragement
-The Power of Healing
-Saviours of our land
-Impure Intervention


-Supreme Fortifications
-Global Relations
-Waters of the fountain
-Advanced Town Centre
-Unsurpassed combat mastery
-Hero's of the new age
-Forbidden Experimental Technologies.
-Revolutionary Imperialism

That's all for now, thank you for reading :)


can u send me a site so i can get the fort wall at thank you

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Tyranick Author

Again what are you talking about?

The download for the mod is under the tab "downloads".

You can get the mod from here :)

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