Requires Forgotten Hope 2 2.57+ properly installed in order to play.

Originally intended to be a personal 'mini-mod' for myself only, it became big enough that I thought it was worth sharing.

While none of the maps were created by me, I've tweaked the variables for all of them specifically for this mini-mod, in one way or another. Push maps that previously were essentially impossible to win as the attacker are much more playable now, for example. Community-made maps that were only exclusive to co-op have been made available for single player.

Not only the maps, but the AI has been changed/improved drastically as well. Bots are now infinitely more aggressive when attacking, and much more capable at defending. Bot controlled vehicles are more mobile, and vehicles in general spawn more frequently (especially on an attacking side). Bot firing distances have been changed, depending on the weapon they use—this means that engagement distances are a lot more grounded, and bots won't be killed before the firefight even begins.

A modified version of ESAI has already been installed within the mini-mod and on every map, with most maps having been tested with each strategy set—so you won't need to do that yourself, either. ESAI in this mini-mod will not interfere with ESAI you may already have installed for other mods, and vice-versa.

Soldier speed has also been changed from 0.8 to 1.2, in order to get the bots sprinting and to make the game more fast-paced. You can obviously adjust it however you want (same goes for everything else in this mod, too), but otherwise I'd recommend just unbinding the 'sprint' key solely for this.

All maps included in this 'mini-mod', as well as their credits that I could find, are:

  • Advance on Foy (16, 32, 64) - by FHT, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Alam El Halfa (16, 64)
  • Anctoville 1944 (64)
  • Arad (16, 32, 64)
  • Argentan (32, 64) - by Muratti, FHT, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Bardia (16, 64)
  • Bastogne (64)
  • Battle of Brest (64)
  • Battle of Keren (32, 64)
  • Beda Fomm (64) - by deathfromabove2010 (azreal64), modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Berlin (16, 32, 64) - by Blander (CMP)
  • Bloody Gulch (32, 64), - by Sn00x, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Carentan (64) - by Sn00x, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Crete 1941 (16, 32, 64)
  • Dukla Pass (16, 32, 64)
  • El Agheila (64) - by FHT, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • El Alamein (16, 64)
  • Eppeldorf (32, 64)
  • Falaise Pocket (64)
  • Fall of Tobruk (64)
  • Far East 39-45 (32, 64) - by CMP
  • Fort Capuzzo (32, 64) - by FHT, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Gazala (16, 64)
  • Giarabub (32, 64)
  • Gold Beach (64)
  • Hurtgen Forest (64)
  • Ihantala (16, 32)
  • Juin 44 (32, 64) - by den75, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Kasserine Pass (32, 64) - by ImtheHeadHunter, co-op layout by Sturm_Tiger, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Lebisey (64)
  • Lenino (32, 64)
  • Longues sur Mer (64) - by aserafimov, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Malmedy, Operation Grief (64) - by Ts4EVER, modified by FHT, modified (again) by Darman & gavrant
  • Mareth Line (64)
  • Mersa Matruh (16, 32, 64) by Lobo, co-op layout by WSU, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Mersa Matruh Night (16, 32, 64)
  • Meuse River (64)
  • Motovskiy Bay (16, 32, 64)
  • Mount Olympus (16, 32, 64)
  • Omaha Beach (64)
  • Operation Nordwind (16, 32, 64?) - by FHT, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Operation Aberdeen (32, 64) - co-op layout by Winter, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Operation Cobra (64)
  • Operation Goodwood (64)
  • Operation Hyacinth (64)
  • Operation Luttich (16, 64)
  • Operation Totalize (64)
  • Orscholz Switch (32, 64) - by aserafimov, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Pegasus (16, 32, 64) - bot support by CMP
  • Pointe du Hoc (32, 64)
  • Porte-en-Bessin (64)
  • Purple Heart Lane (64)
  • Ramelle-Neuville (64)
  • Reichswald 1945 (64) - by sn00x, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Sammatus (16, 64)
  • Seelow Heights (16, 32, 64) - bot support by CMP
  • Sidi Bou Zid (64)
  • Sidi Muftah (32, 64) - by (BpM), modified by FHT, bot support by Darman & gavrant
  • Sidi Rezegh (16, 32, 64)
  • Siege of Tobruk (64)
  • Siege of Tobruk Night (16, 32, 64) - by Lobo, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Saint-Lo (32, 64)
  • St Vith (64)
  • St Mere Eglise (16) - by Team Contact, LeGriffu, bot support by zxx43, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Studienka (32, 64)
  • Supercharge (16, 64)
  • Tali (16, 32)
  • Tarawa (16, 32, 64) - by Pr0z4c (CMP)
  • The Battle for Sfakia (64)
  • Tulagi (16, 32, 64) - by Stubbfan & Pr0z4c (CMP)
  • Tunis (64)
  • Valkenswaard (64) by Ts4EVER, modified by Darman & gavrant
  • Villers Bocage (64)
  • Vossenack (16, 64)
  • Wake Island (16, 32, 64) - by Watchtower (CMP)

Other maps, which are no longer named, have been excluded from the original release of the mini-mod as per original creator's request.

None of these maps were created by me, and I have no relation to or have anything to do with any individual map creator, FHT, CMP or Forgotten Hope 2's development team, etc.. This mod, or contents of this mod, I promise will be taken down/removed if they so request me in a private message.

While playable in co-op, this mini-mod was made solely with single player in mind.

Mod based on the 2.57 release of Forgotten Hope 2.

Also compatible with GermanAlpaca's 'Uncensored Forgotten Hope 2' mod (must be installed in original fh2 mod folder, NOT FH2PSP).

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Full Version 12 comments

Includes core and levels in one package. Separate from the original fh2 mod.

(OPTIONAL) Disable 1P Sprint Animation

(OPTIONAL) Disable 1P Sprint Animation


Makes the game feel just a little more like classic 1942.

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This is quite good, single player gameplay is now faster paced. Hope it gets updated for the latest version of FH2.

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Excellent mod with a ton of great maps-- thank you for your work in putting this all together!! Runs flawlessly on my end, Berlin map is awesome even though i can ony squeeze about 50 fps in 2K, -- cheers!!

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Bei Verwendung der FH2 Standalone Version, ist es wichtig die RendDX9x Datei, welche der BF2 Hotfix 1.5 enthält, in den Forgotten Hope 2 Ordner einzufügen und damit die vorhandene Datei zu ersetzen.
Des weiteren, sollte Forgotten Hope 2 immer, als Administrator ausgeführt werden.
Der FH Updater, funtioniert tadellos mit der Standalone Version.
Bitte regelmäßig alle Häkchen (CooP) setzen im CMP - Updater.

Das minimiert ctD und FH2 Coop Singleplayer super läuft stabil.
Bei Interesse, empfehle ich die aktualisierten CooP/Singleplayer Mappacks. in der Datenbank des , herunterzuladen. Es gibt noch CooP Server, welche diese funktionierenden Maps nutzen.

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My game doesnt even launch, firstly it said that the bf2/shaders/staticmesh.fx wasnt found. I fixed it by making a shader folder inside of the mods/bf2 folder and adding the files from the shader_client to that folder. Now whenever i launch it, it doesnt even say anything, it just crashes me to desktop

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i have same problem

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When will you update this mod to the new version?

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Why is the frame count of my game only 30?

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