With my changes for the campaign AIs, the story will feel more as it is supposed to, in my opinion ;) This is no real mod for FA, you only need to replace files of your FA installation. Easy installation and lots of fun changes ^^

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I love this mod, but my main complaint is that it's a bit buggy. Sometimes, in Black Day, air units will be completely invulnerable to damage and won't attack. In Meltdown and Mind Games, the opening cutscenes just awkwardly skip to the combat right away and you have to hold spacebar to move the camera around and get it right. Meltdown in particular is really weird because Dostya gets swarmed with units all the way until she dies after you destroy the jamming array. She still takes damage, but her HP won't go below 1, virtually. I'd prefer her base be better defended so we don't have to see the Seraphim preemptively destroy everything she has before she has to go out in a blaze of glory.

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This mod does exactly as advertised, it fixxes the AI and maps to be better in every way. The creator is kind and willing to listen to what is wrong if you find a glitch, A must download if you love the campaign.

Jan 4 2013 by HTRK74JR