You escape the unimaginable horror and find yourself in The Old Harman's Castle. You must find Francis Harman, the castle owner to find out what's after you...

NotShawnWhite says

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This is the ABSOLUTE best custom story to date! Been looking for a story that captures the same essence of the original Amnesia style of scare and this one takes the cake.

Great production value. Seems like you recorded all the voices using some kind of pro equipment. Pop filter, expensive mic, ect. lol

Pleaaaaaaase. Make part 2! That ended WAY too fast. >:[

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Awesome Cs!
I was really impressed!
Play my mod Premonition!
I am curious what YOU think of my CS!
Cause this was SOO good!

Greets Lange.

Jun 22 2012 by DnALANGE