Folder Based Game, or F.B.G. for short, is a game based on clicking folders. Yes, clicking folders. How does that work? Read below.

You click the folder that says "start" and it there is a folder that says "you have spawned". Open that folder and there are four folders:

1. Go north

2. Go south

3. Go east

4. Go west

You click the north one and you encounter a demon that kills you.

See how it works? I plan on making it an episodic series. Episode One has already been made, and will be released when this page gets approved. People involved in the making of this game are:Wiggly Waffle - Storyline writer, visual design, distributor and promotional director.


1.You can't click the back button.
You are only allowed to restart
the game entirely. This makes
the game more challenging,fun,
and rage-enducing. XD

2.Do not change the folder names.
Unless you are modding it, do
change the names for fun, it
ruins the point of the game,
and the storyline.

3.You ARE allowed to do a Let's Play
on your YouTube gaming channel
or on any other site, as well
as livestreaming to or
websites related in the concept
of livestreaming.

4.Mods are permitted only if played
by the creator of this game, Wiggly
Waffle. You can reach him at

5.This game is free, and always will be.
If distributed otherwise, consequences
WILL happen to the offenders.

6.This game will be frequently updated.
If you have any questions, problems
with the game, or anything relevent
to the topic or F.B.G. that you'd like
the developer to hear, please contact him

7.If there is a text file and a folder next
to each other, read the text file first
and then click the folder to continue on.
Text files are crucial to the storyline,
and are usually made because of folder
name-length limiting.

8.Any other folder based games are considered
mods. Feel free to make them and put them up
on the IndieDB page:

The title says it all. FBG-TSS is pretty much a pointless game to show a template for other F.B.G. mods.

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Folder Based Game: The Shortest Story

Folder Based Game: The Shortest Story

Full Version

The title says it all. FBG:TSS is pretty much a pointless game to show a template for other F.B.G. mods.


a pointless game?
I'll take five ,please.

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wiggly_waffle Creator

Hey, if you actually want storyline, check out the original game:

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