A few hours after Adrian Shephard and his squat got scattered allover the Black Mesa Complex, headquarter sent a rescue team to search the lost crew.

Musie_(MyCbEH) says

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Today focalpoint is becoming my favorite gldsrc-mod.
Very, very beautiful hl1-mod
imho, more beautiful than paranoia, than cry of fear, than poke646.
-beautiful work with terrarian, author have talant to make it without displacements (some source-mode-developers have very accurate tool for terrarian - displacements and models, but cant make it realistic. Hundred make nice rocks and desert in goldsorce by self hands - this is sometimes look better, than rocks and caves in hl2)
-i love this indoor disign, interiors have nice detalisation: pipes and stiffeners, differen junk and destructions.
-level geometry does not seek to 90-degrees
-light disign too beutiful, colorful

what about gameplay?
A bit less shooting, but more level researching and engineering tasks (like a press buttons in the right order)

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Allright, just finished it :) WOW, what a wonderfull Mod.... i really really enjoyed the mod and it had a lot of nice ideas and somehow a fresh unique look. I cant really say that i found something that i really dislike , mostly normal hl1 bugs like elevator stuck or not moving scientists :D Some buttons were so small i didnt saw them on the first time. Too the "Cards" are super small :) maybe add a sprite so you can see them =) *Spoiler* The Rock you need to shoot, i nearly started to cheat there…

Feb 19 2013 by Trempler