A few hours after Adrian Shephard and his squat got scattered allover the Black Mesa Complex, headquarter sent a rescue team to search the lost crew.

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I had no idea what this would be when I downloaded this mod. As it turned out, this is crazy of sorts. I liked the whole gameplay very much. It's very long, took me a whole day to finish it (not a continuous playing, though). All of the ideas (intensively puzzle-based) are pretty sophisticated. The part where I spent a significant amount of time was the 'metal bar would be useful' part, it was because the pick-able metal bar did not load properly and the level needed to be reloaded, which fixed the problem. The overall impression is outstanding, the mod is indeed very hard, both the puzzles and the action, and it's finished with a great ride in a train (which I liked a lot!). One of the finest works done in a mod for Half-Life I've ever seen.

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Allright, just finished it :) WOW, what a wonderfull Mod.... i really really enjoyed the mod and it had a lot of nice ideas and somehow a fresh unique look. I cant really say that i found something that i really dislike , mostly normal hl1 bugs like elevator stuck or not moving scientists :D Some buttons were so small i didnt saw them on the first time. Too the "Cards" are super small :) maybe add a sprite so you can see them =) *Spoiler* The Rock you need to shoot, i nearly started to cheat there…

Feb 19 2013 by Trempler