On Star Trek TOS, you will see a complete mod from the Kirk era made with the stuff from Star Fleet Command TOS mod and many more new things. Thanks to all these creators, this mod will be finished very fast and with great quality. At a first place the mod will add only space combat but for a non too far future, I wait add ground units.

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I have not forgotten this mod. I am making a new upgrade adding several improves, most of them in gameplay. The main point is how at my opinion join in one single GC the TOS and TMP era where the AI factions research faster than the human player was a problem because they could attack you before you research the advanced units.

By this reason, I have made a new GC, one only with TOS units in space, in ground are the same. At the same time, in the other GC, there are some limits avoiding the build from TMP units from the AI a lot faster than you. These things should make the game more fun.

Other improves are weapons balance, particle effects, even I am thinking replace the main starbases from Klingon and Federation, I do not like too much the designs. They give a too old ambient to the mod. There are other options much better.

More improves in other parts can be possible. I do not go to make this upgrade very fast, perhaps two weeks, a month or more. I have my other FOC mod.;) But it will be a good update.

You can watch the full video here. Youtu.be

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