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Report RSS 3Dmax rigging a model tutorial - 07
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This is a very special tutorial, it shows how add shadows to space models easily. The shadows always there was a problem, by default a shadow must be a mesh closed and by this reason you can not use most of the times the same pieces from the model. You must a new mesh only for the shadow.

Now most of the people make shadows very close to the hull from the model or exact to 100%. Personally it is a lot of work and it is completely unnecessary. If you study how the shadows run, you will see how they can be made a lot easier.

Other matter very important which probably many other people do not follow, perhaps because they do not know it, it is how the shadow must be the most under the hull from the model that you can. If you do not make it, sometimes, specially with high positions of the sun (at space maps), you will see how the shadow from the model blink. Sometimes even it can not fixed at 100% but if you follow this rule, the problem can be limited.

And well, this is the tutorial, I´m sure that many of you will be suprised with the idea about the design of the shadows.

I must say that the video can be some strange because it is the join from 4 videos. I had some problems joining all and uploading it. I do not recomend upload a video with more of 20MB from your computer to Moddb, it takes a lot of time. I recomend you upload it first to other server.