Alliance are a serie of different mods. On the Star Wars GC, you can play the civil war Empire vs Rebel era + Black Sun and soon the Republic and CIS.

KaiserStratosTygo says

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The most unstable mod i've ever played in any video game even when you get it to start (which takes FOR EVER) it crashes 99% of the time after a few seconds of play.

not to mention the dev is kind of a jerk and mismanaged the entire project.

Too unstable to play, it gets a ONE because it does have good ideas, but good ideas that cannot be played with for more than like 8 seconds.

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(This review contains spoilers of what will be in the mod... but if you're gonna download it anyway, go have a read. =D) Download at, but first register. Nomada puts a hell of a lot of work and stays perfectly true to the Expanded Universe as much as possible in his great "Alliance" mod. Take control of units that date back all the way to the Old Republic, factions straight from the Clone Wars and definitely all the way to the expanded universe. The mod gives out what NO OTHER…

Apr 25 2015 by John_Radec