Alliance are a serie of different mods. On the Star Wars GC, you can play the civil war Empire vs Rebel era + Black Sun and soon the Republic and CIS.

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FOC Allience is a mod made for Star Wars FOC. At first when I saw the title and some pics and gameplay vids I was excited to play the mod. But I was fooled. Once I started the game it was very glitchy and the the GC Camera was terrible. There were way too many units and the gc was very easy to finish. Even when I personally modifided FOC for myself to make some things op it still took me a while to finish the GC. There are only a few things that this mod has thats good such as the ability to do CIS vs Empire and the fact that you can actually move the Death Star instead of it standing there. Now that the mod is out of the way lets go on into the next big thing that sucks and thats the mod creator. The mod creator has been reported to be very childish (hmm could he actually be one??) he takes no criticism and will usually delete the person's comment if they criticize , never respond, or give a reason such as your PC sucks or you didnt do it right. And on another note you have to go to his website to download the latest mod which can takes hours days weeks or months( IDK if someone waited years so) and since he owns the website if you criticize on the website you better download the latest version fast cause your gonna get banned. His website is also filled with loads of ads which is for obvious reasons for money (Wait a minute he could be saving the money so that if he gets sued for copying models from other mods without giving credit he can still pay his taxes... CONFIRMED!) Apprently the mod has been in top 100 lists which would most likly mean he uses bots. *Slowly Claps* So yea dont get this mod Id rather spend an entire day with Jar Jar Binks.

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(This review contains spoilers of what will be in the mod... but if you're gonna download it anyway, go have a read. =D) Download at, but first register. Nomada puts a hell of a lot of work and stays perfectly true to the Expanded Universe as much as possible in his great "Alliance" mod. Take control of units that date back all the way to the Old Republic, factions straight from the Clone Wars and definitely all the way to the expanded universe. The mod gives out what NO OTHER…

Apr 25 2015 by John_Radec