A mod that makes each town in M&B: Warband it's own independent faction. It has Floris as base and it includes all the features. Altough the Troop Tree display is bugged for the additional factions for now, in the diplomacy overview not all faction relations are visible. If you notice any bugs please leave a comment so I can look into it. The game has a moderately long loading time when you start the new game, as it needs to initialize much more factions. A total of 22 factions Factions: Kingdom of Praven Kingdom of Suno Kingdom of Uxkhal Kingdom of Dhirim Grand Principality of Reyvadin Grand Principality of Rivacheg Grand Principality of Curaw Grand Principality of Khudan Tulgan Khanate Ichamurian Khanate Narran khanate Halmarian Khanate Kingdom of Sargoth Kingdom of Tihr Kingdom of Wercheg Jelkalan Republic Yalenian Republic Velucian Republic Sharizian Sultanate Durquban Sultanate Ahmerradan Sultanate Bariyye Sultanate

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FreedomFighter76 says

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This mod is actually quite good. And I actually prefer the fact that it doesn't have 80 troop tree's to account for all the factions on the map.

Though I will say, my main problem lies with the political intrigue alerts that come up from time to time. There's usually around 30-something of them, and I just spam click till they're all gone. Though I think that's just a floris problem and it can likely be fixed.

I like this mod because it's far easier to start up your own empire, since you dont have to go against an empire to gain a foothold in the land, just a small Kingdom. I've always wanted a mod like this, so I rate it a 9/10.


Mikha`il says

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I voted 10 for the efforts and to remedy the **** who gives this mod 1 rating


Kynion says

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Just love it


SpanishCoinquistador says

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KubaZak1 says

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Kolejny badziewny mod, dziękuję, nie polecam


pgcss says

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