Fixers Vanilla Patch

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  • Fixes a load of bugs and adds some convenience features while preserving the official gameplay balance and mechanics
  • Behebt Bugs und fügt einige Komfortfunktionen hinzu, während die offizielle Spielbalance und -mechanik erhalten bleibtę
  • Corrige errores y añade algunas funciones prácticas, al tiempo que mantiene el equilibrio y la mecánica de juego oficialesę
  • Correction de bugs et ajout de quelques fonctionnalités pratiques tout en préservant l'équilibre et les mécanismes de jeu officielsę
  • Corregge i bug e aggiunge alcune funzionalità, preservando il bilanciamento e le meccaniche di gioco ufficialię
  • Naprawia błędy i dodaje kilka udogodnień, zachowując jednocześnie oficjalny balans rozgrywki i mechanikę
  • Исправляет ошибки и добавляет некоторые удобные функции, сохраняя при этом официальный игровой баланс и механику.

Installation / Einrichtung / Instalación / Installazione /Instalacja / Установка

To install, unpack the zip and place the data.600.pak file inside into your Eador folder where the other .PAK files are. Generally, you'll find them in
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eador. Masters of the Broken World
To uninstall the patch, remove the file from the folder.

Zur Installation entpacken Sie die Zip-Datei und legen Sie die Datei data.600.pak in Ihrem Eador-Ordner ab, in dem sich auch die anderen .PAK-Dateien befinden. In der Regel findest du sie in
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Um den Patch zu deinstallieren, entfernen Sie die Datei aus dem Ordner.

Para instalarlo, descomprime el zip y coloca el archivo data.600.pak que contiene en tu carpeta de Eador, donde están los demás archivos .PAK. Generalmente, los encontrarás en
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Para desinstalar el parche, elimina el archivo de la carpeta.

Pour installer, décompressez le zip et placez le fichier data.600.pak qu'il contient dans votre dossier Eador où se trouvent les autres fichiers .PAK. En général, vous les trouverez dans
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Pour désinstaller le patch, supprimez le fichier du dossier.

Per installare, decomprimere lo zip e inserire il file data.600.pak all'interno della cartella Eador, dove si trovano gli altri file .PAK. In genere, si trovano in
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Per disinstallare la patch, rimuovere il file dalla cartella.

Aby zainstalować, rozpakuj zip i umieść plik data.600.pak w środku w folderze Eador, gdzie znajdują się inne pliki .PAK. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, znajdziesz je w
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Aby odinstalować łatkę, usuń plik z folderu.

Для установки распакуйте zip и поместите файл data.600.pak в папку Эадора, где находятся другие файлы .PAK. Как правило, вы найдете их в
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Чтобы удалить патч, удалите файл из папки.



Feature changes

- Provides options in the video settings to reduce the amount of decorative objects like plants, rocks etc to improve performance. Should also reduce memory-related errors.

- Allows to customize the game to be more similar to Eador Genesis.

- Adds a global chat feature, which allows to chat with other players who are connected to the server, as well as see any multiplayer games. Requires connection to the server.

- Adds more varied and impressive spell animations (mostly imported from Eador Imperium). These can also be disabled from the in-game video settings if you're experiencing screen freezing when casting spells.

- Some units have the size of their models adjusted or have been given new visuals on attacks.

- Offers a quick game option on random shard games. When using this option all battles against neutral provinces and neutral guards are automatically resolved. The main purpose of this feature is to speed up multiplayer games.

- Offers a sandbox option on singleplayer and hotseat random shard game. When using this option computer players do not recruit heroes, but end game score will be cut and achievements are disabled.

- Individual hero subclasses can now be banned in all game modes except campaign. This affects all human and computer players.

- Allows to spend up to 3000 points (from 1000) on your army in Classic mode of online battle mode.

- A sound effect is played when your turn begins in multiplayer games, someone joins your multiplayer room or opens a multiplayer game in which you partcipated before, so you can [Alt-Tab] out of the game and do other things while you wait for other players. However, make sure game sounds are active when outside the game. Some programs/websites may disable them. Also, I recommend to choose "Windowed Fullscreen" instead of "Fullscreen" from the Launcher Settings, as [Alt + Tab] can be problematic in pure Fullscreen.

- Finishing a turn by pressing [Shift + E] plays a sound when your turn starts in single-player games. This is useful in the late game when AI turns can last minutes and you want to [Alt-Tab].

- Automatic reconnecting when a disconnect happens during online games. Only works as long as the internet connection is successfully re-established and none of the players leave the game meanwhile.

- Implemented a system of sending, receiving, accepting and refusing of diplomatic offers in real-time in online shard games. However, note that the agreements won't be processed until the end of turn and only one agreement can be made between two players per turn.

- When sending a diplomatic offer to another player, the contents of the offer are temporarily stored into a reserve to prevent exploits and accidents. While in the reserve, they cannot be accessed. The contents can be accessed again if the offer is withdrawn, refused or cancelled.

- In multiplayer games, allows the players to choose what items other players can see on the diplomacy window instead of showing everything in the treasury.

- Offers an option in the gameplay settings to improve the behaviour of AI players. They are generally smarter, will process their turn faster, and act according to their personality. In online games, this has to be determined before the start of the game, but in local games it can be turned on or off at any time.

- Battle result estimations (enabled on three lowest difficulty levels) are more accurate.

- Adds a slider in combat settings to set different combat animation speed for allies and enemies.

- Combat speed modifier has a greater effect on animations.

- Adds an option in the Combat Settings to completely disable the flying combat texts.

- The game is no longer saved if you quit the game in the middle of a battle. It caused issues and was primarily a leftover from Eador Genesis where you are only allowed a single save file that gets overwritten each time you quit the game.

- Adds an option to change the frequency of autosaves.

- Several small user interface, performance and usability improvements.

Bug fixes

- Fixed some crashing issues.

- Fixed several cases where the game would become stuck, or progress when it's supposed to wait for your answer, both in singleplayer and multiplayer.

- Player-owned guards now replenish their dead units over time (one unit randomly every 4 turns, with half hit points, as originally intended).

- Province borders can no longer be seen within occasional tiny gaps in the fog of war.

- Fixed a bug that caused fog to disappear from distant provinces in multiplayer games.

- Fixed synchronization issues in online multiplayer battles. Sometimes the battle situation developed differently on the other player's computer which caused problems such as being attacked by invisible units or the battle ending with both sides still having units alive.

- Sabotage now works in multiplayer battles.

- Fixed a bug that caused the mercenary offer to repeat the same unit in online games.

- Shields can no longer be used with two-handed items in multiplayer battle mode.

- Fixed a couple of issues with level-up and unit control when a human player was attacked during another human player's turn in hotseat games.

- Stronghold view now displays correct buildings in the 3D view during hotseat games.

- Fixed some visual bugs in multiplayer games, including incorrect player banners and stronghold visuals.

- Offensive rituals now affect other human players in online multiplayer. However, note that the effect will take place on the next turn of the affected player and after that it takes one more turn for the caster to see the changes.

- Rituals now have sounds.

- Blizzard ritual now always stops heroes for one turn.

- Rebellion caused by Mass Insanity ritual now captures the province as supposed to when there's a battle and the rebels win.

- Events and rituals that require a hero in the province no longer trigger if the hero is dead.

- Difficulty levels now affect the extra starting income and stronghold starting development level of human players as intended.

- Fixed a bug that would sometimes assign the capital province the initial income of plains terrain despite being another terrain type.

- The capital province no longer has a lower chance to be plains terrain compared to other terrain types.

- The game now correctly treats populated provinces when they are desert or deadlands terrain, which is rare but possible.

- In Crystal World, base gold/gem income is no longer increased by 2 in stronghold if it's forest terrain. This was likely a coding mistake of the developers.
Instead, base gem income now increased by 1 and base gold income reduced by 1 in a forest stronghold. The code suggests that this is how it was meant to be.

- Secondary human players in Hotseat games, or computer players in any game, no longer gain extra turn worth of income or population growth on their first turn.

- Fixed a bug where Necromancy (Wizard perk) would not heal undead outside battle if they had less than 10 maximum HP.

- Blacksmithing (Warrior perk) item maintenance skill fixed. Item wear reduction never worked before. The same applies to items that grant item maintenance.

- Item durability may now be reduced in battles that you do not see, such as when AI players fight each other or when you choose to instantly resolve a battle without loading the battlefield.

- Fire Dragons no longer appear in any arena battles, just like other types of dragons do not. Also, advanced Dwarf and Elf units no longer appear in the weakest arena league, just like regular Dwarf and Elf units do not.

- Fixed a bug that made some animations unaffected by the combat speed modifier. Now everything happens instantly when combat speed is set to maximum.

- Fixed a bug that caused units to remain on the battlefield after being killed.

- Units can no longer rotate on the battlefield if they are immobilized.

- Fixed a bug that caused damage over time (such as poison) to trigger death two times, effectively nullifying reincarnation.

- Cause Disease and Cause Vulnerability abilities no longer cast the actual spells with all their costs. Only the effect is applied.

- Swiftness skill no more allows any other actions than moving after attacking.

- Egg Laying (Black Widow skill) no longer freezes the game at the end of the battle.

- Goblin Potion (Goblin Alchemist skill) now correctly reduces morale.

- Scream of Urugu (Orc Witchdoctor spell) now deals damage as intended.

- Battlecry (Centaur Chief skill) now correctly depletes stamina.

- Units with Entanglement Immunity are now immune to Entanglement (Centaur Huntsman skill).

- Repair skill is now correctly coupled with some Ammo and Range for units who would not otherwise have any (Militiaman), and no longer adds Ammo or Range to units who already have them (Dwarf Engineer).

- Units with Marauder skill no longer take a portion of the loot in battle if they are dead.

- Medals are no longer offered to wrong units, such as Healer's Medal to a swordsman.

- Medals can now be gained by units that were brought from another shard.

- When defeating enemies, more than one item may now be gained as spoils. There are 4 slots for item spoils in the result window where you see the units that have survived in the battle. However, a bug prevented from ever gaining more than one item.
However, note that even with this fix, getting more than one item is something that primarily happens only in late-game.

- Fixed a bug that made some un-breakable items not function at all.

- Fixed a bug that caused some locations to remain as inaccessible grey icons on the location window after losing a battle within.

- Mercenary Guild (province location) no longer allows access by gold or gems if you don't have the required amount.

- Fixed a bug when meeting and defeating adventurers while exploring would not always grant you their loot.

- Giant spider infestation event no longer loops with multiple fights.

- It's no longer guaranteed to run away from a brigand ambush when choosing the diplomacy option and then choosing to run away. Now there's only a 50% chance, as originally intended, leaving the bribing option with a higher chance of success.

- Fixed a bug when campaign quests wouldn't trigger if the quest location was located in the top-left province of the shard map.

- Quests no longer require spell scrolls of unit-specific spells.

- Peace now always requires approval from allies as well.

- Fixed a bug when an AI player's peace offer would never be delivered to you if you were forced into war due to an alliance with a third player.

- Alliance with another player is no longer cancelled when signing a peace treaty with a third player.

- Gold and gems are now correctly reduced/increased with a diplomatic agreement.

- Gold and gem amount of another player can no longer be seen on the exchange window unless you are allied.

- Provinces offered or requested in trade are now displayed in the event window boxes.

- Fixed several issues where wrong windows would pop up at wrong times, or windows not popping up when they were supposed to.

- Corrected many building descriptions that gave false information. Most claimed the ability to recruit units that is possible only in Eador Imperium.

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Fixers Vanilla Patch (TEST)

Fixers Vanilla Patch (TEST)


This is a test version of Fixers Vanilla Patch. It contains some new things but may also contain more bugs. When it proves to be acceptable, I will make...

Fixers Vanilla Patch

Fixers Vanilla Patch

Patch 16 comments

Fixes bugs and adds some convenience features while preserving the official gameplay balance and mechanics ——— Behebt Bugs und fügt einige Komfortfunktionen...

Fixers of the Broken World v1 1

Fixers of the Broken World v1 1


Version 1.1 - Revamped hero classes. With a load of new abilities every hero class is viable and substantially different from each other. Also features...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 157)

Any help on how to install Fixers of the Broken World? I dont have the steam version of the game so I cant install the way it is instructed on the mod page(I dont have any .PAK files in my Eador folder)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Jagulars Creator

No .PAK files at all? Do you have a CD version? What do you have in your installation folder?

Anyway, you should place the data.600.pak file in your Eador root folder, wherever you have installed it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

4 folders:banners, data, images, log. some .cfg .ini .dll files, and some other files, also three .exe files. Just noticed my game version is 1.6.3, maybe thats the problem, will update it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jagulars Creator

Game version should be 1.8.3.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

yep, that was the problem, I had an outdated version. Thank you for the great patch!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jagulars Creator

You're welcome

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Some new bugs. If you hit ability and next unit button in the same time you will be locked in using ability, that can't be used by another character. Also I got a visual bug, with no despawning a hero of defeated opponent, you can't interact with him or anything, it's just visual. save

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jagulars Creator

Did you start this shard before you downloaded the latest version (0.9.52020)?

Also, how to hit both ability and next unit buttons at the same time in order for the bug to occur?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yes to first question. And what for second, if you heal you may use "H", for next unit "N", and you can accidently press both. In vanilla you can cancel by right clicking but not with mod.(I got that situation before)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jagulars Creator

It seems I had intentionally removed the ability cancellation by right-clicking and I can't remember why. It's possible that there was a good reason. Anyway, I put it back there now. Report if you encounter problems.

About the hero bug, it should not happen anymore but in an earlier version a while ago there was a bug that caused it to happen. Those heroes would remain there even after I fixed the root cause and I don't deem it worth the effort to figure out something to get them out of that situation. Time will heal.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thank you and good luck with game :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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