a one man mod that looks to bring new and old ideas into zero hour. a special focus is being put into the naval fighting with comeing with Skirmish maps dedicated to the such. the mods been in development for about 2 months now and i think iv made good progress. Plenty of new tech building will be added and added throught skirmish and generals challenge maps to bring a new edge to the battlefield like: Coastal Guns for bombarding enemy ships Large nuclear power plants that provide plenty of power, but will explode. . . violently. Radio Bunkers for calling in off the map Help like artillery, airstrike, and even paratroopers. a new game type will be added to skirmish that I bet most of you are familier with, conquest. The only resources on the map will be from capturing controll points. this will be fun with a mix of naval warfare and island hopping for resources. co-op is another feature that will be added later.

Empire command center (view original)

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This is part of my new project on adding the empire as a just for fun faction into generals. Its more of i just ran out of ideas for china so while im waiting for that to kick back in im working on the empire.

The empire is a faction from the IPad game battle Nations. I could be like ROTR and write out 3 paragraphs explaining each unit and a whole short story including those units but honestly i just don't care enough. Not bashing them or anything, theres a reason they are #1.

But anyways this is just a command center. i took the hospital from the game and made it into the command center since there is none in game

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