Play as Taylor, a soldier who was assigned to uncover the dark past of Alma Wade in Project FEAR; explore the terrifying atmosphere of the abandoned research complex and watch before as the horrors of the past appear before your eyes. This 2D adventure will definitely give you the chills down your spine and will leave you craving for more or hiding in your bed.

A Photo of a Helper in Development (view original)

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A photo of one of the developers that helped made this Modification better. He was the one who corrected some of the misspellings and grammar corrections. Also including incorrect capitalizations.

Psst! He isn't under 12, he's 13 by September+ I think. And his name is Julian :3

NOTE: He was not part of the OFFICIAL Development Team, he was only part of the Team where we made it a bit better by adding more things such as Env_Room, Env_Light, etc.

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