Main Concepts/Changes:

- Teamplay mod. Focused on 3v3 and 4v4. Players must work together to secure the resources for upgrades and victory points.

- Only 3 unit types and 2 units per player. Strats come from upgrades and combo choices.

- Very limited base building. Base structures are only used for upgrades. Resources are only used for upgrades as well.

- Each unit has 3 weapon upgrade options and 4 micro abilities. Focus is on micro and combat, not economy.

Fireteam is(will be! ) a TC mod for Company of Heroes. It focuses on teamwork between players, unit micro, and combat. A simple economic model, coupled with a very low number of units, makes it possible for players to focus on controlling their units and the battles they get into rather than on many units at once or on an economy. The small number of units makes teamplay necessary to coordinate pushes on certain points and to receive certain upgrades needed to win. The action is furious and non-stop, and the battlefields are typically in a state of complete ruins littered with vehicle hulks by the end of the game.


Flash-forward one century, to the year 2105. The world is not the somewhat pleasant place it is today. Rising seas, climate change, overpopulation and energy shortages have turned life into a violent, dangerous nightmare with no end in sight. What remains of nations and corporations have banded into Self-Governance Corps, high-tech, non-contiguous feudalities ruling over pockets of useful resources such as oil, uranium, urban ruins, and arable land. Resources are tight and corps fight in very small engagement groups called Companies, comprised of as many as 4 Fireteams apiece. Each player controls a single Fireteam in a company, engaging an enemy Company in battle.

Objectives: To win by reducing the opposing teams VP to zero. This is accomplished by taking points, that also confer resources for upgrades. The HQ is invincible, so the only way to win is by VP win.

Starting Off: Each player begins with an HQ. He builds up to two units of the three following types:
FireSquad: [FS]A small team of elite heavy infantry. Can use cover and take points. Can be suppressed. Can reinforce, but not repair. Weapon: RPG, an anti vehicle weapon.

Assault Vehicle: [AV]A fast moving four wheel all terrain vehicle. Can take points. Cannot be suppressed. Can be repaired but not reinforce. Fast, but easily destroyed. Weapon: Explosive Device, a timed charge capable of destroying anything and flushing enemies out of cover.

Main Battle Tank: [MBT]A superheavy battle tank. Cannot take points. Cannot be suppressed or harmed by anything other than heavy weapons. Can be repaired but not reinforce. Ability: Turbo allows the MBT a higher max speed enabling it to race across the battlefield to where it is needed.
Mechanics: These are used to repair vehicles, place mines, build and repair the Research Labs. Two can be built at any time and do not contribute to the overall unit total.

Gameplay: Players of each team go out into the map to fight over the three points. These are the Energy Station, Chemical Factory, and Metals Plant. Possessing them gives an influx of the appropriate resource as well as contributing towards the victory point countdown. Players use resources to upgrade their units using either Weapons or Research, which will be explained below. If a unit is destroyed, it can be rebuilt at the HQ. There is a limit to how quickly a player can rebuild destroyed units, if the green wheel (action meter) is less than 50%, the player must wait to build a new unit. When a unit destroys another it gains experience which contributes to its veterancy, making it stronger in battle.

There are 18 upgrades to choose from to spend your resources on. The right choice at the right moment is essential to victory.

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Twilight22 Gameplay Demo

Full Version

Gameplay only demo of Twilight22. Does not contain any new models or artwork at this time. INSTRUCTIONS: Very Important!!! Read!! INSTALL: Tell this installer...



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Dont get the europeinruins mod people it is just a copy of a other mod and they steal your money!

If you use europeinruins website DONT use the same pass as your paypal pass!
I donated 60 $ (all i had on the account) to them - without ever wanting to!

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Its true i was forced to pay a full £0 to play an amazing mod damn rip offs

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