Fight the tyranny of the Archbishop as the Adrestian Empire or defend the "Holy Church" as the Knights of Seiros!

Journey across Fodlan and take part in some of Fire Emblem's most iconic battles, but this time in an RTS format. As rumors of war begin to formulate in the surrounding villages due to the tensions between the Church of Seiros and the Empire, the Archbishop, Lady Rhea, forms an army in secret just in case the rumors become fact, what happens next is something entirely different than what she had expected and it all began with three students being chased in the woods by bandits...

Fire Emblem: Three Wars is a free total conversion mod for Wildfire's 0 A.D. Empires Ascendant, and is based on Nintendo and Intelligent System's, Fire Emblem franchise.

Release Date: TBD

If you wish to help out in any way just go to our Discord Server or Sub-Reddit and let me know what you wish to help with.


Fire Emblem: Three Wars Reddit

Fire Emblem: Three Wars Discord Server

Fire Emblem: Three Wars Wiki

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RSS Articles

Content Report (8/01/22)


Community Update (8/02/22)

Over the course of a few months, we have continued to update our community-centered operations. Today we wish to share those changes and state our plans for the future.

Discord Server


Our Discord Server is used for many things. It is a community center at heart but also is a hub for everything else. Regular updates, exclusive polls, and an archive come together to make our Discord Server the thriving heart of our community. Our archive includes Art, Music, Mod Lore, Cutscenes, and more. We are always active and ready to answer any questions you may have and take suggestions on lore, game mechanics, or other things you would like to see in the mod. We always love hearing from you.

Wiki (Fandom)


We have just begun to break ground on the Fandom platform in order to create a readily available repository of information regarding the mod's lore, mechanics, and more. The Wiki page is unfinished but it has an almost defined framework and we thought it was worth reporting on.



A small but valuable piece of our community, our Sub-Reddit is basically our forum dedicated wholly to community interaction. We do post content reports here and there but the real goal is to respond to our community and create a friendly environment for discussion.

Future Plans:

Our current priority is to add our first faction to the game, The Adrestian Empire. The Empire will be the first to join the mod because of the result of a community poll we had a while ago. You can find more information on the Adrestian Empire here in one of our articles. We are also planning to expand our Wiki and continue to add content to it going beyond what it is at the moment. If you wish to help in any way, just let us know on our Discord Server or Sub-Reddit, and thank you. We are trying to avoid spoilers for the mod entirely in this update but we can give you this hint: the "Three Wars" in the title is not just for sake of naming it. Thank you for reading our Community Content Report for August 2, 2022, we hope you have a wonderful day.

An Empire in the Making

An Empire in the Making


Votes came in from our Discord and Sub-reddit saying that the first faction to be added should be the Adrestian Empire.




We have established a foot-hold on the Reddit platform, check it out


The initiative is very interesting, see the possibility of opening a topic on the official forum of the game and in the future making it available via direct download on

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AGamePlayz Creator

Thank you for your suggestions, I will try to get it on the 0 A.D. forums but as far as Fire Emblem Three Houses goes, I did not know it had an official forum. The mod is not quite ready to be put up for download yet. Thank you for your time.

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