FFT 1.3 is a fan-made modification of Squaresoft's game Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation and Playstation Portable gaming systems. It greatly increases the difficulty of the game and rebalances gameplay mechanics. 1.3 is not a storyline patch and does not affect the game's plot or character development.

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List of features in the most recent update of 1.3, 13035, includes a video explaining them all as well.

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------------------------------- GAMEPLAY ------------------------------------
- Title Screen now says FFT 13035 and FFHacktics got replaced by ID
- Floating units now take extra damage vs Wind attacks.
- Fixed a bug which allowed Ninjas to Throw Spears and Knight Swords again

------------------------------------ ITEMS ----------------------------------
- All Bows now have Range 6, except Yoichi and Perseus.
- Yoichi Bow 10 Range, 16 WP.
- Perseus Bow 8 Range, 20 WP.

------------------------------ MONSTERS --------------------------------------
- Panther Family "Poison Nail" replaced with "Venom Leap"
- Panther Family "Cat Kick" replaced with "Savage Leap"
- Panther Family new Monster Skill: "Death Blast"
- Ahriman Family "Look of Devil" replaced with "Gaze of Fear"
- Ahriman Family "Look of Fright" replaced with "Gaze of Terror"
- Ahriman Family "Death Sentence" replaced with "Gaze of Doom"
- Ahriman Family new Skill: "Counterspell"
- Ahriman new Monster Skill: "Light Pillar"
- Juravis Family "Scratch Up" replaced with "Zephyr"
- Juravis Family "Shine Lover" replaced with "Pure Flight"
- Juravis Family "Beaking" replaced with "Updraft"
- Juravis Family "Feather Bomb" replaced with "Wind Strike"
- Juravis Family New Monster Skill: "Tempest"
- Squid Family "Tentacle" replaced with "Aqualung"
- Squid Family "Black Ink" replaced with "Time Blast"
- Squid Family "Odd Soundwave" replaced with "Psionic Wave"
- Squid Family "Level Blast" replaced with "Energy Blast"
- Squid Family new Monster Skill: "Acid Rain"
- Ghost Family Touch skills accuracy increased.
- Ghost Family new Monster Skill: "Unholy Champion"
- Skeleton Family new Monster Skill: "Night Ritual"
- Dragon Family new Monster Skill: "Dragon Beam"
- Hydra Family "Triple Attack" replaced with "Triple Breath" (All 3)
- Triple Breath uses PA. All Hydra PA down 33%.
- Hydra Monster Skill "Dragon Power UP" renamed to "Dragon Force"

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